Why You Should Lose Weight

Published:March 17th, 2010

The Benefits

One can never underestimate the many benefits of losing weight. Vanity and the desire to look good not only uplifts one’s self confidence; in this day and age, good looks associated to normal weight translates to good first impressions on business, job interviews, product endorsements, and an overall impression that you can actually take the responsibility to maintain a great figure and the discipline to control your eating. This is in fact why most people feel bad if clothes start to shrink on them and they end up staring the closet for hours not knowing what to wear! Medical reasons too, are very important considerations to veer away from heart attack, diabetes, (type II), stroke, high blood pressure, plus the impact of weight on bone or joint injuries – notwithstanding the fact that medical bills can be too costly. A quick solution may just complicate medical histories which may only prove to be wasteful later on. In fact, most studies and medical authorities concur that a healthier body accounts for a better lifestyle – a longer life to enjoy activities without any medical impediment, a better sense of self, and better stress management.

The Best Way

Most people undermine the importance of natural slimming methods as they are easily lured into spending for costly supplements that may later on prove to be ineffective. Anyone can just be tempted to fall trap into sales pitches promising weight loss in days, even weeks while they sleep, while losing a lot of money instead of losing a lot of weight. The number one culprit for weight gain is calorie accumulation oftentimes not burned through exercise. The first step is to properly analyze what you eat; and if you cannot control the indulgence, burning all these calories are oftentimes ignored or forgotten. You must adopt the right way of thinking if you indeed want to lose weight; otherwise, it will simply not happen.

Start off by increasing your metabolism. Contrary to popular misconception, it’s okay to indulge in chocolates, chips, ice cream, pizza, pasta, pastries, and all the fatty and sinful food there is; as long as you make the conscious effort to burn them all up by exerting a lot of physical effort and compensating on the nutrients by balancing it with vegetables, fruits, lots of fiber and lots of water. If you eat as much, you should also burn as much by doing a lot of exercise before breakfast to speed up your metabolism. A daily 10-minute run is usually the best, and the more strenuous or the higher the impact, the faster you can lose weight. Sweat it all off and rehydrate using water and NO sodas or sugary drinks that will encourage water retention. Chips with very high sodium content are okay as long as not taken in excess and not used to replace the 3 important meals of the day. If alcohol cannot be avoided, make the conscious effort to burn it all up the next day. The more sweat and the more physical exhaustion you feel during exercise, the better. Not only that it will help you a great deal to lose weight, but also release the happy hormones such as serotonin and endorphins to make you feel a lot better – and help you combat stress.

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