Weight Loss Motivation to Keep You in Great Shape!

Published:April 5th, 2010

Have you experienced any of the following…?

•    Jeans and clothes won’t fit like they used to; you now stare at your closet for hours deciding what to wear for work or for that dinner party
•    You always look fat in photographs; probably because you really are
•    You start to feel bad about skinny people
•    You binge eat out of depression because most of the time you’re depressed and stressed out
•    You move sluggish and a simple walk to the lift (or any physical activity) discourages you
•    Your ankles hurt real bad from a simple fall, your excess weight has just aggravated rather a simple accident
•    You don’t feel good about yourself and a catching your reflection on a mirror is something to make you wince
•    Shopping for clothes is becoming too much of a hassle because all the clothes you like won’t fit

Contrary to what others think or feel, losing weight is not a very difficult task. Sure enough, eating and lessening your food intake can be real tough, since binge eating on your favourites is always tempting and it’s the only activity that makes you feel good. But for those who would like to get started, here are some motivational reasons to adopt a healthy mindset and why first and foremost, you need to lose weight:

1.    Your health and enjoyment of life depends on it. So many studies provide conclusive evidence that obese and overweight people are exposed to health risks such as diabetes, heart and liver problems, and a long list goes on. Surely you’d rather spend the money on a grand shopping spree, on a vacation, or a child’s college education rather than spending so much on hospital bills when losing weight could have avoided all that.

2.    To feel good you have to look good. The only way for you to look good is to fit into that dress you’ve been desperate to have. Even without the clothes that you like, you can still look good just as long as you know you are in great shape.

3.    Everybody loves a slim figure. Why? Because you can just wear anything and still look good! Even if you don’t wear anything you will still look good – without those flabs that wobbles and juggles around.

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