Weight Loss Diets That May Be Dangerous For Your Health

Published:August 14th, 2012


Everyone wants to have that perfect body that they can flaunt for the entire world to see, but the road to the perfect toned abs, sexy arms and legs is a long and arduous journey.  A combination of diet and exercise is needed to be in shape.  Since we are now living in a fast paced world there are various weight loss diets that promise surprising results quickly, because of this, many embrace this option never dreaming of the dangers they can encounter.

A quick fix is never a solution to weight loss.  Sure, you can lose a couple of pounds, but are you sure that they will stay off for a long period of time?  Let us try to understand several weight loss diets and the dangers they impose on our health.

High Protein Diet/ Low Carbohydrate Diet or a.k.a the Atkins Diet

This diet claims that when you consume foods that are rich in protein, you will eventually lose weight fast.  The diet is based on the fact that protein provides you with more energy rather than those foods that are high in carbohydrates.  Furthermore, it is stressed that the more protein you consume, the more energized and full you become, hence, your hunger pangs are curbed, your appetite is controlled, resulting in weight loss.  Sounds good, right?  However, it may not be a perfect weight loss plan because when you consider this weight loss diet option there are a lot of essential nutrients that your body is deprived of.  Of course, protein is important but so are the other nutrients.

Fiber, which acts as nature’s broom to sweep away all the harmful toxins from your system is lacking in the Atkins diet.  You risk having constipation when there is a minimal amount of fiber in your system, in case this happens; toxins might thrive in your system, which can result in the occurrence of hordes of other disorders.

Folic acid and iron is also deficient in a low carbohydrate diet.  Both of these elements are known for the formation of hemoglobin, the red pigment of red blood cells that help in the transport of oxygen to various body cells.  Lack of this may result in certain diseases such as anemia and iron deficiency syndrome.

Water together with essential vitamins A, B, C and E are also missing in this diet. This diet is also lacking in certain phytochemicals and even antioxidants.

The South Beach Diet

Another well known weight loss diet is the south beach diet.  Carbohydrates are not disregarded in this diet, but rather picked, which means that only good carbohydrates should be consumed.  This option raises some risks again because fiber, water, certain vitamins, and antioxidants might be missing from your overall diet, which can cause harm and can alter the proper functioning of your body.

But this diet provides you with enough nutrients that you need.  Still, it does not provide you with all the nutrients to cope up with the demands of everyday life.

Going Vegan

Ditching meat and other poultry products to embrace a diet rich in vegetables can also cause extreme harm to your body.  Yes, vegetables can provide you with all the ample nutrients that you need, but it does not offer you with the recommended daily protein that you need.

You may also lack certain vitamins such as B12 and iron that you get from the consumption of meat and other related products.  In case you are on this diet, include protein supplements in order to have a balanced meal.

Clearly, diet alone is not the only solution to shed off those unwanted pounds.  A combination of exercise and a balanced meal without excluding certain vitamins and nutrients will do the trick to keep and maintain a fit body.



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