Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Published:January 7th, 2012


Losing weight after pregnancy can be a challenging task. It does not happen in an instant as it needs time, effort and discipline. By combining together healthy diet and regular exercise, you can achieve your target weight after pregnancy. Of course, you need to have patience in targeting your ideal weight so you can achieve overall health and wellness.

Your Eating Habits are Important

Your eating habits when you were pregnant may have been altered to support your baby’s development and growth. It is especially important to have proper nutrition when you are breast-feeding. Choose the right type of foods. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Focus on whole grains and protein because they provide a feeling of satiety. Food sources that are rich in protein include fish, beans and meat. Certain fruits, vegetables and grains are rich in fiber so they keep your digestion healthy. Stay away from junk foods because they do not give you any nutrition. For you not to be tempted, do not store them in your house and keep them out of your sight. Eat in small and frequent portions and do not skip meals. Skipping meals will make you very hungry and thus, leads
to overeating. Control yourself and only eat when you are hungry, not because you are bored. You can distract yourself by taking your baby for a walk or reading a book.

Your Daily Routine Must Include a Physical Activity

Before integrating daily exercises to your routine, you must consult your health care provider. If you had a normal delivery, your doctor will advise you to start exercising within a few days so you can regain your strength. However if you had a C-section, it may take longer for you to resume to strenuous activities. After your physician gives you the go signal, start regaining strength slowly. Begin with light activities such as walking, swimming or stationary cycling. You can progressively increase the level of your routine exercises as your endurance improves. Of course as a postpartum mother, having all the time in the world to exercise can be difficult as you have to look after your baby. You can include your baby in your workout session by carrying out simple but useful activities. For instance, you can walk or jog with the baby on the stroller. This technique will not only be beneficial to you but also creates a stronger bond between you and your baby as well.

After delivery, the area that needs to be focused during exercise is the abdomen. There may be more unwanted fat in this part and you can lose that by doing abdominal crunches. Along with dietary changes, these abdominal exercises tone your abdominal muscles. To keep you hydrated, drink lots of water before and after the exercise. If you experience pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding and dizziness, stop immediately. This may indicate that you are overdoing your exercises.

Diet and exercise, if followed and done properly and consistently, you can lose up to half a kilogram a week and it might take six months or more to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight.



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