Weight Cycling: Know How It Can Harm Your Health

Published:May 24th, 2011

Have you heard about weight cycling? Weight cycling is the repeated weight loss and weight gain. It usually happens to people who use weight loss diets for a short period. A weight cycle usually includes some weight loss and a weight regain of five to ten pounds of weight. However, large cycles may also occur. In large weight cycles, some weight loss happens followed by a weight gain of fifty pounds or more. Extremely obese people are mostly involved in large weight cycles.

Were you able to experience weight cycle? Well, most, if not all, weight enthusiasts end up being trapped in this cycle. Thus, dieters who get into this kind of pattern usually asked this question:

Does weight cycling put my health at risk?

There is no strong evidence that shows the relationship between weight cycling and development of health problems. However, some studies report its association with gallbladder disease, high cholesterol level, and hypertension. Interestingly, one study shows that women who reduce and regain weight are more prone to gain more weight in the process. Furthermore, women who are trapped within the weight-cycling pattern are usually binge eaters.

Are there other effects of weight cycling?

According to Weight-control Information Network, weight cycling can cause mental health problems too. Most people who undergo this weight problem end up being depressed. They usually feel like a failure or a loser because of their weight problem.

Which one is better, staying overweight or getting into a weight cycle?

Asking this question is like choosing which one is the lesser evil. As mentioned earlier, weight cycling can result into many chronic health problems; however, staying overweight or obese can also increase your risk for the same set of problems and much more. Being overweight can increase for tendency to have sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, fatty liver disease, arthritis, and certain types of cancer. To prevent all of these mentioned problems, a steady modest weight loss is needed. Furthermore, once you achieve your healthy weight, you should stick to this weight for the rest of your life.

How can I possibly say goodbye to weight cycling forever?

There are different strategies applicable to different kinds of people. However, the main goal is still the same – that is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. People who currently have no problems with their weight should try to maintain their current weight. On the other hand, people who are overweight or obese should maintain a modest, gradual weight loss.

Do you really want to lose weight?

Then you should be ready for a lifelong commitment. Losing weight is not just all about eating healthy foods. It also needs physical activity in your everyday life. Some studies report that weight cycling is more common in women who do not have regular physical activity. Cardio exercises such as jogging and brisk walking can help you attain gradual weight loss. Do this every day and you will not regret embracing it into your lifestyle for the rest of your life.


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