Ways to Burn fat and build Muscle at the same time

Published:October 22nd, 2012

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You are one person who carries a busy schedule, possesses a hectic day and has no spare time to think about yourself. But still, you are concerned about your health and fitness. Due to less time, you want to get things done quickly. One way is to accomplish things simultaneously, sounds good isn’t it?

For example, let’s choose the matter of weight loss and muscle building. They are some integral components of health and fitness. And there is no doubt that both of these components are in themselves much time and energy consuming.

But have you ever wondered that it is possible to perform work-out for one and achieve the second thing along at the same time. Seems as the ‘buy one get one free’ deal, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a start

Let me give some concepts first before mentioning the ways of doing the simultaneous workouts. Many adults gain 15lb of muscle mass annually whereas the amount is 5lb in some. For a proper muscle build up, sufficient calorie intake is a must. Now let’s glance at the fat burning mechanism. Losing fat is relatively a faster process and for which, your calorie intake must go low up to a certain limit. Therefore a thought interrupts that how come this ever be possible- taking in calories to build muscles and going on a diet to lose fat?

How is that going to happen?

To achieve these two mutually exclusive goals at the same time is now found to be possible by studying deeply the mechanisms of our bodily functions. Couple the cardio-vascular and weight training with weight lifting exercises and in a matter of weeks, you will find that your body has started achieving the two goals simultaneously.

The muscle building and weight training phase

The muscle building phase is the same as required. For example, exercises such as Dumbbell chest press, snatch, bent over barbell row, chin-up, squats, incline crunch, seated row or one-arm row etc. help in muscle building.

During these hard core exercises, you will actually lose significant amounts of fat and your muscles will also consume the proteins.

Regarding weight training, it should be done 3 times a week and on alternate days. The training session is made of heavy, basic compound movements with some overlap.

If you aim to include some cardio, a brief, intense session of 10 minutes before starting the weight training exercises would do benefits.

What are you going to eat then?

So you now know the secret-a low-fat, high-protein diet along with weight lifting is the right package for increasing lean muscle mass and for burning unwanted fat simultaneously. Let’s make it easier. Your working muscles need several amino acids to grow whereas your body needs minute amounts of fat as it is going under a diet. Hence, adopt to eat lots of fruits and veggies daily. Cut down on processed foods. Go on to consume good fats from sources such as fish, olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc. Have whole grain items and avoid simple as well as low glycemic index carb containing foods.

An advice

Just remember, whatever you do regarding your diet or your training for muscle building, to seek an expert’s advice is the wisest thing one must go for. It saves you from ending up in a mess at the end of the day.



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