Walking: The Easiest Exercise That Can Trim Your Waistline

Published:January 29th, 2011

Walking is one of the easiest and the most simple exercises that can give many useful benefits to your health. It maybe one of the most accessible exercise that doesn’ require practice or mastery. It is a low-impact and gentle activity that can be performed by majority of patients.

What are the advantages of having regular walking exercises?

The Mayoclinic.com enumerated a number of advantages with regular walking exercise:

1. Having a regular walking routine can decrease your bad cholesterol level.

2. Walking can raise your good cholesterol level.

3. Engaging yourself in regular walking exercises can decrease your blood pressure reading.

4. Walking can decrease your risk to the development of type 2 diabetes.

5. Walking can increase your metabolism, decrease your weight and trim your waistline.

6. Walking can diminish your mood swings and make you feel lighter and happier inside.

How do you start your regular walking routine?

1. Take it slow and easy in starting your brisk walking routine. Make your speed and phasing easy and enjoyable.  Never push yourself to go beyond your usual speed. Never pressure yourself to go faster.  In time, with proper patience, you will achieve the speed and phasing that you want.

2. Check your heart rate regularly while having your workout.  Your heart rate tells you the intensity of your workout.  Checking it while having your workout can give you an accurate measurement of your workout intensity.

How can you stay motivated with this exercise routine?

Majority of fallouts and failures in regular exercise is caused by lack of continuous motivation.  Here are some surefire techniques to keep you on the go:

1.  Make your walking exercise routine enjoyable and fun.  Plan your walking routine ahead of time.  Think about places near your residence that you like to go during your regular brisk walking.  Go to beaches, parks or hilltop to enjoy the view is one idea to make this routine much more enjoyable.  Like photography? Why not bring your favorite camera along with you and have some shots after your exercise?

2. Bring your buddy.  Having a little chat while walking can also take the boredom out of the usual walking routine.  You will be shocked to know that you have already reached beyond your expected destination without even knowing it because there is someone beside you who is making it more fun and less boring!

3. Make a checklist.  Make a tabulated checklist of the walking exercise routine you had for the day. Having a checklist will make you obligated to do your walking exercise even if you don’t feel like to do it.

Walking is indeed the easiest exercise that can trim your waistline and improve your weight.  So, why not start having it today?

One Customer Review of “Walking: The Easiest Exercise That Can Trim Your Waistline”

Review by Dr Waqar Ahmad, March 26, 2011

I appreciate the short note on the way to start the walking as the trimming for the body and to enjoy it,and I also agree that inconsistency in walking is a common factor to develop.Agree with the suggestion to have a buddy with you,I ll try to publicize it among my peers.

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