Top Ten Personal Barriers to Exercising and Losing Weight and How to Overcome Each of Them

Published:May 16th, 2011

Having a regular physical activity is one of the cornerstones of healthy weight loss. Exercise can help you burn more calories and as result, it can also help you keep gaining more weight. Regular physical activity can help you prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiac problems, hypertension and obesity.

But, to tell you frankly, there are so many barriers that keep you from having regular physical activity. Thus, to be able to get over them, you should familiarize yourself with each of them. Here are the barriers that helps you gain more weight:

Barrier #1: I am just too busy to have my physical activity.


Make your routine physical activity your number one priority.

Incorporate your physical activity in your regular household chores.

Family time? Make this special time more physically active in nature.

Barrier #2: I’m just too tired to exercise.


If you think exercising is a tiresome activity, why not do it for fun.  If you can stay out late to have a little fun with your friends, then you can also squeeze in some time for another fun-filled activity.

Think of the health benefits you can reap through exercising. Regular exercise can help lower your blood cholesterol and blood pressure level. It can also prevent you from having type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. In fact, with regular physical activity, you will feel less tired and more energetic, so you can still do other activities you really want to do.

Barrier #3: Regular exercise is quite boring.


Find a buddy that can make your workouts fun and less boring.

Watch TV or listen to upbeat music while doing your exercise.

Bring your exercise outdoors on sunny days. Why not take the bike and visit your favorite park? Why not bring your camera alone and take good pictures while having your physical activity?

Barrier #4: I’m afraid to hurt myself during workouts.


When starting a new exercise program, start slowly. This way, you can lower your risk for possible injury.

Always choose a moderate-intensity exercise. Why not try brisk walking for thirty minutes or so per day? You are not likely to hurt yourself with that kind of exercise.

Get a fitness instructor. A fitness instructor can teach you the right moves that can protect yourself from injuries.

Try water workouts. If you know how to swim, then the best way to protect yourself from injuries is to get into the water and have regular water workouts.

Barrier #5: I am a “sportless” individual.

Try those physical activities that involves no sports activity like yoga, brisk walking and gardening.

Barrier #6: I don’t have spare cash for joining a gym.


Who says you need to go to the gym to have your physical activity? There are many activities that doesn’t involve cash. Why not take your kids for a walk every afternoon? Why not tend your garden everyday?

Barrier #7: Nobody can watch my kids while I work out.


Do your workout with your kids.

Bring your kids to your parent’s house before working out.

Get a baby sitter.

Barrier #8: My friends and family members are not interested in participating in physical activities.


Do it yourself. Show them how physically rewarding it is to workout and have a healthier body. Sooner or later, they will also be convinced that physical activity is also good for them.

Join an exercise class or a sports league that has the same goal as you do.

Barrier #9. I feel truly embarrassed every time my friends and neighbors catch me exercising.


Ask yourself this question: “who says exercising is embarassing?”

Go to a recreation park where most people exercise.

Invite your friends and neighbors to join the fun.

Barrier #10: It’s snowing/raining today.

Who says you can’t exercise inside your house? Find an exercise CD and DVD and do the workout in front of your TV.

Why not walk inside the mall?


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