The Most Effective Diet May Be Based on Your DNA

Published:March 22nd, 2010

[BBC News] – A study in Stanford University has been conducted to take a closer look at “nutrigenomics”, or how food interacts with different genes.

A small group of 101 Caucasian women submitted DNA samples from a swab of their cheek cells, and the researchers divided these according to 3 groups: the low fat diet responsive, the balanced diet responsive, and the low carbohydrate diet responsive.

It was discovered that those who dieted according to their genotype lost weight about 3 more times in the past 12 months than those who took on a diet while disregarding their genotypes.

Further confirmation is still needed as these findings were considered to be as a prelude to more studies and tests – considering the fact that the 101 females who submitted their DNA tests are still a small number, and were limited to Caucasians. The preliminary study also did not detail the genetic makeup of these and what best worked for which.

Given the limitations, this could well set a precedent of larger and more detailed studies pertaining to the emerging field of nutrigenomics.

“The findings are not so far from our own studies that there are genotypes more responsive than others when it comes to diets high in omega-3 fatty acids”, notes British Professor Christine Williams of the University of Reading.

She further stresses however the importance of understanding the different genotypes involved.

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