The cabbage soup diet

Published:April 25th, 2012

Regular dietary regimen

Following a regular dietary regimen is advised by most of the health specialists. They are of the opinion that it is healthy and also leads to weight loss. The problem is that losing weight while following regular dietary regimens is slow. Following a restricted diet plan for a long time with the effect appearing slowly leads to non compliance with the program. Some people may feel depressed because they are not eating what they like to eat and still seeing nearly no results in respect to their body weight.

Cabbage Soup Diet

If you have an important event to attend in near future and you do not have enough time to follow regular regimes to lose extra weight, cabbage soup diet is the ultimate dietary solution for you. Cabbage soup diet is an effective weight loss solution in cases of urgent need to decease body weight rapidly.

Cabbage soup diet will add that extra effect to your regular dietary regime to help you lose weight in short time. Cabbage soup contains negligible amounts of fat and plenty of dietary fiber. Following a restricted dietary regimen with cabbage soap diet added to it is said to cause loss in body weight by almost 10 pounds in around 7-10 days. Two bowels per day of cabbage soup are enough to reach the desired effect.

Side effects of cabbage soup diet

The recipe is easy to make. The ingredients themselves are healthy. It will produce no harmful effects to healthy people as it is supposed to be followed for only 7 to 10 days.  Cabbage soup diet is not advised to be followed for more than 10 days. The cabbage soup diet is deficient in proteins, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates. It also does not contain some essential vitamins and some minerals. If followed for a long term, it will cause the body to starve. The body will start losing its water content. Then, the decreased intake of carbohydrates will cause the body to protect itself by sticking to its own fat and not burning it at all. Further more, the body may burn its own muscles protein to get energy from it.

Loss of weight in this diet is temporary. Regain of weight is common after getting back to past life style.

How to get the maximum benefits from cabbage soup diet?

At least 2 bowels of cabbage soup daily combined with plenty of water are good enough for a time period of 7-10 days. Drinking water will help maintain proper hydration of the body. Eating other foods that are low in calories such as fruits and vegetables is good to give the body the needed proteins and energy.

It is preferred to drink plenty of water while being on a cabbage soup diet. Adding exercise will of course help to lose weight as much as possible.

Some people managed to lose 10 pounds in 10 days with no exercise and they were eating what ever they want to eat except for high calorie foods. So, cabbage soup alone is enough to lose extra weight quickly. No junk food is allowed during this diet.

After reaching the desired effect, it is advised to follow a moderate life style. Calculating the daily intake of calories while following a regular dietary regimen is advised to avoid regain of lost weight and of course to lose more weight.

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