The biggest loser diet

Published:May 4th, 2012

Maintaining a healthy diet is the first step in maintaining a healthy body. With a healthy body, you can resist many diseases and carry out your daily activities normally and still maintain your body fitness. It is no secret that with a healthy and fit body, you will be admired by many and you will love your body in every way, there are many things that you will enjoy with a fit and strong body; the secret into getting this kind of figure is eating healthy and taking lots of exercises. With the biggest loser diet, you can have all these and enjoy every minute of your life.

Understanding what is the biggest loser diet

The biggest loser diet is based on the diet and fitness program followed by the contestants on the NBC TV show—the biggest loser. The biggest loser diet does not necessarily mean taking pill or looking for personal trainers in order to lose weight; it is a low calorie diet that is based on a pyramid of 4-3-2-1 (4 servings of vegetables and fruits, 3 servings of lean protein, 2 servings of whole grains and 1 extra serving) in combination with an exercise regimen. With a healthy diet, you have to make sure that you include a low calorie diet; this is meant to make sure that you do not accumulate more fat but instead you will reduce the body fat. To achieve a low calorie diet, you need to take lots of fruits and vegetables; also taking lean protein foods is necessary and you can top this up by involving yourself in lots f physical exercises. To make sure your blood pressure is at the right level, you need to take low cholesterol foods.

What you need to know about losing weight and diet

To understand the concept of weight loss, let us first discuss the concept of energy balance. We all know that foods give us energy in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We utilize this energy from foods to perform the various activities of life. If there is a balance between energy intake and energy consumed, there is a condition of energy balance in our body and our body weight will remain constant. If the amount of food intake is constant and the energy expenditure is either less or more than the energy intake, there is either loss or gain of weight respectively.

Therefore, in the context of obesity, weight gain happens when the calorie intake is greater than the calories consumed. Weight gain is the result of either extra calorie intake or a reduction in the calories consumed (reduced physical activity) or both. To lose weight you have to either reduce calorie intake or increase energy expenditure or you can combine both. Long term sustainable results are usually obtained by a combination of both.

Weight loss not only help you gain the shape you want, but also makes your body become more resistant to some dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart related diseases. A right diet can help you overcome obesity and gain a right weight that your bones can support. As you concentrate on eating well, always remember to take plenty of water each day; water is not only meant to satisfy your thirst but is also does wonders to your skin.

How biggest loser diet works

You need to prepare a diet menu that you will follow during you weight loss program. You need to make sure that you follow your menu very well and this requires you to be highly disciplined. You also have to make sure that you are taking enough exercise that will help you burn the calories to lose weight. Weight loss is not a simple process and you have to be strong and patient throughout the program.

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