The best way to use slimming pills

Published:February 26th, 2012


Slimming pills are designed for those fat people in whom obesity is dangerous and could prove to be fatal. But if you are thinking to take these pills for years to reach the perfect figure, you truly are misled. Never fall out for any of the marketers’ claims that diet pills can be used for life. Slimming pills are recommended for short term use only and if you use it for a longer time, you will have to suffer its miserable adverse effects. However, a couple of month’s consumption is perfect.

It is of no use to you if you are just a couch potato and go on popping these slimming pills without working out physically for your health. You will lose weight for a couple of days, but when you stop taking them, the weight will come back and all those pounds of fats will find its way back again.

Advantage of taking slimming pills

The basic purpose of slimming pills is to help you get used to a healthy lifestyle. It just helps induce the inspiration to get slimmer so that by appropriate dietary management and carrying out the regime of strenuous exercise you can lose your weight. The pills will help you resist your temptation to consume unhealthy food. You will switch from unhealthy fast foods and fatty foods to fruits and fresh vegetables. So when you stop taking the pill after a couple of months, you will continue your daily routine of exercising and eating healthy food.

The best way to ingest a slimming pill is to swallow it whole with water. It is not suitable to crush it and take it, nor is it good to take it with any beverage or milk. Water is the best medium to take along with the pill.

Precautions while taking slimming pills

Diet pills have an effect which causes diuresis (increased urination) in the body. This leads to dehydration in the body and if these pills are taken longer than prescribed, the body’s efficiency start decreasing causing many other harmful effects. So it is best to take about eight glasses of water daily while consuming the diet pills to prevent dehydration.

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting any slimming pill. Moreover, you should only take the dose recommended to you and should not exceed it as the side effects of the medicine may increase in magnitude and frequency if an excess dose is taken. And exceeding the dose won’t let you lose more weight so it is not advisable to take more than the recommended amount.

You should also view the diet plan which is included in your box of slimming pills. If you eat more calories than what is recommended, then taking slimming pill will also not help you lose weight.

You have to stop taking the pills after some months, as consumption of slimming pills for long duration has many adverse effects on the health of the body. For example, the most common slimming pill, phenylpropanolamine, is safe if you use it for the prescribed duration of sixteen weeks. After that it can cause extreme health problems.

You should always visit your doctor and get the diet pills recommended for you. He will determine whether you should take the pills or not on the basis of other health problems you may be having.

Hence, though slimming pills are good way to start with a weight loss program and to lose some initial pounds and gain confidence, they cannot become your long term strategy for weight loss. Diet pills can never take place of the healthy food you eat and your daily physical activity.

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