Stop Abusing Laxatives as A Weight Loss Alternative

Published:April 12th, 2010

Colon cleansing is good, but not if you do it everyday and every hour. It does upset the digestive mechanism because these are made to make you dependent on them, and for you to keep buying.

• Laxatives are only best for those who have constipation especially for pregnant women taking in too much iron for the baby, hemorrhoids, and have difficulty with the bowel movement. Not everything you eat must be purged every day and every hour, because in the process you lose all the water, important nutrients and energy that you need for the day.
• Excessive use of laxatives can in turn increase your risk for kidney failure or damage in the long run.
• It can damage your sphincter muscle, which controls the release of your bowel. With continued and prolonged use, It also damages the walls of the colon.
• It will only enable you to lose weight – the wrong way. A lot of reported case involved hospitalization and a weakening immune system.
• It can cause eating disorders and will make you feel nauseated when you eat with years of laxative use
• Laxatives can remove the important calcium in your body – making your bones brittle in the future.

The single best way to enjoy a great slim figure is to increase your physical activity, so even if you can’t help but pig out, you won’t have to accumulate so much fat.

But what about herbal laxatives?
Most of these laxatives contain senna, derived from a plant to increase bowel movement. These do not allow the large intestines to absorb the food. Though marketed as a good weight loss option, the nasty side effects show when taken in excess of the recommended dose – in the hope of achieving the weight loss results that they want in weeks. What people don’t know is that abuse of these senna laxatives can lead to diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and dehydration; once you stop, severe constipation can happen that may require surgery and removal of the colon.

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