Online diets: a great way to plan your weight loss schedule

Published:November 3rd, 2012



Perhaps dieting these days has become less complicated and cumbersome, thanks to the presence of diet plans/programs online. As more and more people become health buffs, there has been a steady growth and build-up of health and fitness sites on the net, each having its own share of a highly-diversified pool of loyal followers and readers. These diet planning sites are replete with valuable information and resources to aid people in losing weight. They also offer helpful dieting tips and advice, moral encouragement, and healthy weight reduction tools.

The good points that are worth mentioning about these sites are: they can be accessed 24/7 which allows greater flexibility and convenience, as would-be dieters can research on them at any time of the day when they are not too busy or simply whenever they want. All that is required here is an internet connection and dieters can browse and search for diet plans or programs that resonate well with their personal choices, lifestyle, needs and wants. From the wide array of diet plans available online and the vast amount of information each one offers, all they have to do is to be discerning enough to sift through all those information in order to select only those that belong to sources with commendable reputation and proven track-record of success.

There are diet programs that offer a free trial of their products without requiring people to pay for them in advance which can be beneficial. Not all diet plans that are available online however, mean well, thus one should definitely be on the lookout for bogus diet programs that are not meant to help people lose weight but rather to profit from them.

Online diet plans are a guaranteed money-saver especially for starters, as opposed to actually visiting a dietitian or nutritionist for guidance or consultation. However, if one wishes to communicate with a dietitian that can also be arranged and carried-out online nowadays. For serious dieters, there are numerous diet plans available that are packaged and made accessible in subscription format. Included in the monthly subscription fee of most online diet programs are a complete set of tools, recipes and grocery lists, community message boards where subscribers may post their concerns, queries, etc. and/or interact and customized meal plans. For busy bodies or those leading hectic lifestyles, there are diet plans that involve delivery of prepared meals.

Joining or participating in diet forums provided by these sites will help bolster a dieter’s resolve to adhere to his/her chosen weight reduction program till his/her goal is achieved. Support groups are a great way to motivate dieters as they will be working towards a goal in the company of people, either virtually or physically, that strive for results similar to theirs.

Here are some of the best diet plans and weight loss programs that can be readily accessed online.

1. The Biggest Loser– It offers weight reduction challenges, expert advice, community support, shopping lists, menus, informative journals, exercise demos, etc.; progress in the form of various charts and graphs helps picture how bodyweight, measurements and nutrition levels improve in relation to individualized fitness and weight loss goals.

2. eDiets– It allows you to create a free profile by registering one’s weight loss goals and preferences; provides up to 3 personalized diet plans based on one’s profile plus 1 custom designed exercise with accompanying instructions and key points.

3. Weight Watchers– It offers moral support, advice and weight loss tips for its subscribers during their weekly meetings; they also provide free recipes/menus, fitness/exercise demos, multiple internet tools and a one of a kind point system.

4.– It lets you to sign-up for free with access to pointers from experts, meal and fitness tracking/monitoring,  a workout builder, weight loss challenges, several free recipes, etc.

5. Diet Watch– It permits you to sign-up for a free profile to record your BMI, weight category and recommended daily calorie intake; your personalized diet plans, grants you access to expert advice, exercise programs/workout schedules, meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and newsletters.




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