Oats: One of the best foods that aids in weight loss

Published:June 14th, 2012


A major issue for many obese people in the world is what to eat and what not to eat. Precisely, diet plays a vital role to make any weight loss plan successful. The key to shed off calories is to eat healthy and to work out regularly. The rules for exercise and work out remain the same through out. The main problem with almost all the overweight individuals is to find out which diet plan to follow. You need to find out foods which remain in the stomach for long, keeps you feeling full longer and do not make you feel hungry for a long time. Let us talk about one of the best foods that aid in weight loss. Yes, Oats is one such food.

Reasons why Oat is the best food for weight loss

You well know that oatmeal has many health benefits. It is good for your heart, for your stomach, for your body and most importantly, it is good for your body weight. It is highly rich in fibers and therefore it stays in the stomach for a long time. Since fibers take time to digest, this slow digestion keeps you full and you do not feel hungry.

Oat not only contain soluble fibers but also insoluble ones that when eaten with water aid to treat constipation. This happens in such a way that fibers after absorbing water swell up thus pushing the undigested food out of the body.

Oatmeal comes in the form of porridge and if you eat one bowl of oat daily, it will stabilize your blood cholesterol levels too. It decreases the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Because of the soluble fibers it contains, oat helps in lowering the blood cholesterol, Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and also controls the high blood pressure. If you add this beneficial food in your diet, you will see a decrease in your food craving for oily and unhealthy food which can add up to your body weight.

Oat also contains tocotrienol which basically is a type of Vitamin E. You well know that Vitamin E has anti-oxidant properties and it degrades the free oxygen radicals that can damage other cellular structures of the body.

Weight loss is not always about dropping certain foods from your diet but many a times it is about adding some foods. Oat is one of the foods you should add up to your breakfast menu because it not only provides energy but also keeps you full till lunch time. This is one way you stay away form eating unhealthy junk after small intervals just because you are hungry.

Losing weight in a healthy way is much of an achievement for any one who wants to be slim and smart physique. Other healthy benefits of oat include the fact that it eliminates carcinogenic factors from the gastrointestinal tract because of the phytochemicals it contains; it contains Lignin which decreases the risk of hormone related disorders.

Most significant is the fact that it gives you sufficient amount of carbohydrates that give you the energy to spend your day in an energetic way. This high fiber and low fat food content together with lots of exercise and workout would definitely bring a smarter and healthier change in your life. So, choose oat which the one of the best and healthiest foods that aids in weight loss.


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