Non-surgical fat reduction techniques

Published:September 18th, 2012



As the name suggests, non surgical fat reduction is the removal of fat from certain small areas of the body without using surgical techniques, instead special equipments are used to injure or damage small fat containing areas. The whole procedure is done in a controlled manner as there is a risk of scarring, if damage to too much fat is done in a particular area. Ultrasound and cold energy are the two types of devices that are used to do the procedure. The most popular ultrasound systems used are the Ultrashape and Liposonix and the most popular cold energy treatment used is the Zeltiq. Minimal discomfort is caused by the use of both of these devices in individuals who opt for non-surgical fat reduction.

What are the benefits of the procedure?

Apart from the very obvious benefit of weight loss, the other benefits for undergoing non-surgical fat reduction are as follows:

The procedure does not require any type of surgery, hence is non invasive and the results of weight loss and body trimming are quick to appear.
The procedure is safe of all the weight loss procedures and is given preference over surgical liposuction.
Since it is a non-surgical procedure, administration of anesthesia is not required and it is followed by almost instant recovery.
The results are long lasting and also produce skin tightening.
The procedure is performed on an out-patient basis and no hospitalization is required.
Fat can be removed from areas of double chin, arms, buttocks, etc.

Are you a good candidate for the procedure?

Before considering non-surgical fat reduction you should always consult your health care provider. Any adult individual who is free from all types of physical and mental illness and who wants to not lose more than 20 pound weight is an ideal candidate to undergo the procedure.

What is the procedure?

As already mentioned two types of devices or energies are used to perform the procedure. These are the cold energy or cryolipolysis and ultrasound energy.

Non surgical fat reduction using ultrasound
During this procedure, the ultrasound energy is focused towards the targeted area and the fat beneath the area is injured. The damaged fat is subsequently absorbed slowly into the body without raising the blood fat levels. During the procedure the skin and other tissues of the targeted area are not damaged. The treatment session may last from one hour to several hours and you may require one or several such treatment sessions.

During this procedure, the fat at the targeted area is disrupted by using a form of controlled frostbite. As an effect to the frostbite, the fat cells are frozen and they die before the death of skin cells. These dead fat cells are then slow absorbed into the body without raising the blood fat levels.

Risks and complications of non-surgical fat reduction

As with all other procedures there are certain inherent risks associated with non-surgical fat reduction. Some of these risks are:

• Although less likely, burns may result from the use of ultrasound devices.
• Redness of skin may occur that may last for upto several hours after the procedure.
• Temporary numbness of the treated area may also occur after the procedure.

What is the usual recovery period?

Recovery is usually very quick and almost instant and you may resume your daily activities from day one of treatment. On the contrary, you will be recommended to perform regular exercise, so that the blood flow to the treated area is increased and your recovery is faster.

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