Meal Replacement Diet

Published:January 27th, 2012


Losing weight can be easier with meal replacement diets. They come in different shapes and sizes and are often testified by a lot of users who have proven them to be effective and helpful in shedding off extra pounds. It is possible for you to lose weight with meal replacement programs which are both enjoyable and easy at the same time.

The basic concept of meal replacement diet is that the dieter replaces two meals a day with products that are made to reduce appetite which in turn, minimizes your caloric intake. These food products are specifically designed to control your food intake while encouraging you to eat a controlled and healthy portion at dinner. Soups, shakes, cookies, bars and drinks are the common forms of food products used in meal replacement diets.

The average caloric intake is 800 – 1000 calories per day as meal replacement diets encourage eating very low amount of calories. If the dieter quits using these products early on during the diet program, there is a possibility that he will gain the weight back because his body hasn’t learned to adjust to controlled type of eating. You should not become too dependent on these products and meal replacement diets because self-discipline in eating a portion size is most important.

Prior to starting your meal replacement plan, it is important to consult your doctor to discuss your options. Since the diet is a very low calorie diet, there are risks involved in the program. That is the reason you need to adhere strictly to the guidelines to prevent the underlying complications that come along with this type of diet. However, meal replacement diet is generally safe for those who follow the regimen diligently.

There are various kinds of meal replacement diets that are marketed today. Most of them are beneficial; however, they can be complex to follow given the differences among the various diets. Keep yourself informed about these differences so that you have a sense of self-awareness before beginning the diet program. Meal replacement diets can be expensive. You also need to know that these products are highly processed food.

One common problem that people have is their ability to lack focus on the meals they are eating everyday. Knowledge deficit is a dilemma and it is one of the biggest causes of gaining weight. Meals that have high levels of calories, cholesterol and fats lead to weight gain.

You must have noticed that most of the foods come in packages that show the calorie amount per serving written in nutritional information part. If you pay more attention to this, you will be surprised to know the amount of calories you eat in a day. This is the very reason why you need to track your calorie intake daily if you are not following a meal replacement diet plan.

Some of the popular meal replacement diet plans are:

Medifast: A diet low in calories is prescribed by a doctor consisting of shakes and nutritional supplements.

Slim-fast: 2 meals are replaced by shakes and bars daily.

Lighter life: Shakes are given as replacement to meals. The diet plan is based out of UK.

Smart for life: 2 meals per day are replaced with 6 nutritious cookies.

In order for your diet plan to become effective, you still need to pay close attention to the amount of calories you are consuming. Along with this, self-discipline is required because diets are not made to do magic and miracles. They are just there to help you become healthier.

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