Importance of Weight Loss in Managing Hypertension

Published:February 15th, 2012


Hypertension or what we commonly refer to as high blood pressure is a very common disease nowadays.  People with blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg and above are said to be suffering from Hypertension. To date, it is one of the leading causes of other cardiovascular complications ultimately leading to death.

The common factor that leads to high blood pressure is having a bad or unhealthy lifestyle. Other causes may include kidney related diseases, family history and diabetes. According to most statistics, people acquire high blood pressure because of the things they do to their bodies. These factors that should have been controlled are what we call as the lifestyle or the modifiable factors. A person’s lifestyle is composed of eating patterns, sleep and rest patterns, the level of activities and the presence or absence of certain bad habits/vices such as smoking and drinking.

This article will tackle more on the eating patterns of an individual as a contributing factor to hypertension. Our eating habits play a vital role in maintaining our health. Taking in healthy food greatly contributes to our body’s nutrition and taking it in the right amount is equally important. Other than hypertension, having an unhealthy diet leads to certain other illnesses, and consequently could lead to death. It is important, therefore, that we know the relationship between a person’s weight and his/her blood  pressure.

The Connection

Commonly, people who are overweight tend to have higher risks of developing high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that in overweight individuals, the body requires more blood that can provide the necessary oxygen and other nutrients to the cells.  The higher blood volume leads to extra pressure exerted on the arterial walls.  This then creates a higher blood pressure when the body is overweight.

Lack of physical exercises and other activities lead to weight gain.  In studies, obesity is one of the leading contributors to acquiring hypertension. It is indeed important that a healthy body weight is maintained.  Swimming and walking are two of the basic activities that keep our weight within the limits.  Aside from managing weight, these are also effective way to manage stress.  Being into sports is also a good way to keep oneself physically fit.

One Quick Tip

If you are one of those who have basic mass index (BMI) exceeding the limits, perhaps it is time to consider ways on losing weight.  You can choose what is best suitable for you and your lifestyle.  You can visit the gym a couple of times a week or attend yoga  classes.  Both these activities help you keep fit physically and mentally.  It would also help in relieving stress and in lowering blood pressure.

Goodbye to Extras

There are a lot of methods available to lose weight. One example is the use of a pedometer which helps you keep track of your steps while walking.  Keeping track of your daily steps gives you motivation and stimulates you to walk more.  Studies show that those who walk 12,000 steps a day have an average of 3.8mmHg systolic blood pressure decrease.

No matter what method you choose, what’s important is to keep yourself physically fit to be free from any diseases especially high blood pressure.

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