Importance of protein shakes in losing weight

Published:September 10th, 2012


Protein is one of the three major macronutrients needed by the body, the other two being carbohydrate and fat. Protein is important for body functions of growth, tissue repair and maintenance of immunity. Furthermore, protein is needed by the body to preserve lean muscle mass as put forward by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. It is absolute in the process of muscle building and is great for giving the feeling of fullness as well as energy. When it comes to protein shakes, they present an amazing way of losing weight. Basically, they are prepared with protein powder and a liquid of the user’s choice.

Combine Protein Shakes with a decreased calorie intake

Protein shakes work best when they are used in combination with a decrease in the daily intake of calories. That is because true weight loss is a result of burning or consuming more calories than what you eat. A great way of using protein shakes is by taking them in the morning during breakfast. They serve as a good source of energy and are convenient in the event that you are pressed for time in the morning. Another useful way is by alternating protein shakes with whole foods. It helps in weight loss because small frequent meals are necessary in keeping your hunger under control and enabling your body to burn calories well. They also serve as good alternatives to junk food.

Protein Shakes are filling

More important reasons exist as to why incorporating protein shakes in your diet can help you lose weight. Most importantly, is the fact that they fill you up. They have a strong effect on the food satiety center in the brain thus giving you stronger feelings of satiety and also help suppress food intake during the next meal. Another importance of protein shakes is that they are a healthy way of losing weight. They do not interfere with your metabolism but instead have an additional advantage of providing vitamins and minerals which help boost your health. They are definitely safer than diet pills.

Tried and tested during research studies

The amazing thing about using protein shakes for weight loss is that they have been tried, tested and found to have positive results. According to a study trial done in 2003 by Steven Heymsfield, M.D., whose results were published in the ‘Nutritional Journal’, protein shakes were found to be of help in losing weight. During the study two groups of overweight people seeking to lose weight were studied. One group was put on high protein meal replacement shakes daily for 40 days. The other group focused on low-calorie diet only. At the end of the study, the former group had lost more weight than the latter yet they reported similar feelings of satiety and hunger.

Add fruits for additional benefits

Moreover, when combined with fresh or frozen fruits, protein shakes go a long way in preventing lifestyle diseases. These are added to the shakes and they help reduce the risk for developing cardiac diseases, cancer, diabetes and stroke. Adding fiber to them also boosts your weight loss and it can easily be done by using chopped bananas or any other suitable food and blending them into a smoothie that will form the shake. Always consider carefully, the liquid you use to form the shake. Water does not have additional calories as compared to milk or fruit juice.



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