If No Weight Loss Program Might Seem to Work, It Might be Because of Metabolic Syndrome

Published:August 29th, 2010

If as a kid you have belly fat, insulin sensitivity, fatty liver, muscle fat – you may have metabolic syndrome which accounts for obesity and overweight difficult to control. All of these are linked to high cholesterol, heart complications, and diabetes.

Evidence of which has already been presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm by Dr. Melinda Sothern.

Metabolic syndrome has been revealed to be strongly linked to low birth weight, intrauterine environment, and genetic and racial profiles. It has been proposed that metabolic syndromes start in early childhood, though this new study finds that metabolic syndromes start in the mother’s womb.

Though factors linking all these have yet to be found, study authors ascertained that all these markers from pregnancy and birth work together to develop a childhood metabolic syndrome.

LSU study authors wanted to explore the links of belly fat, insulin resistance and muscle fat to investigate on the best model to predict obesity. It turns out that impaired metabolic function had largely to do with pre and post natal conditions – which in fact can be modified. Pregnancy weight and physical activity are factors that can be controlled as a form of early weight intervention to delay, if not prevent, the risk for metabolic syndromes which genetic profiles usually dictate.

Metabolic syndrome involves a group of factors working together that accounts for obesity and overweight. This is the reason why a lot of people find it difficult to lose weight even if they take diet and exercise suggestions found all over the internet that nothing seem to work. Obesity and overweight are not the only causes of metabolic syndrome, but it is also have very strong links to diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Genes and ethnicity, which will determine how obese or overweight we can get, are factors we cannot control. But the motivation to stay physically active, and the determination to keep a healthy weight are things that we can control.

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