How to Dramatically Increase Your Metabolism

Published:January 6th, 2011

One of the biggest and most common questions of weight losers and weight loss enthusiast is “How do you dramatically increase your metabolism?” Most people who are trying to lose weight focus on how to cut their caloric intake.  You know, they are right.  The lesser your caloric intake is, the smaller amount of calories converted into fat.  However, the back fire of this kind of weight loss strategy is the decreased energy stores that can be used for any physical activity.  But there’s more.  Do you know that the lesser calories you take in (to the point of partial starvation), the more fat is being metabolized into usable energy?  However, there is one problem with this: your fat stores are not the only thing being converted to energy. Do you know that your body proteins in the form of muscle proteins are also being converted into energy as well?   This causes decreased muscle mass and muscle atrophy, the decrease in muscle bulk. And you know what happens when you have lesser muscle bulk?  Your metabolism becomes turtle-slow!

In a study published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation in July 2005, it has been shown that the skeletal muscle is the primary burner of fats within the body. As mentioned in this study, your skeletal muscle is the key determinant of the sensitivity of insulin, the hormone that facilitates the transport of energy-providing glucose into the cells. And so, with increased skeletal muscle activity, more energy is readily converted into its usable form which can be utilized by the body.

With this in mind, we can conclude that diet that results into near starvation state that cause muscle wasting and atrophy which can further decrease the metabolic rate. In contrast to this, improving your muscle bulk and using   your skeletal muscles for performing numerous physical activities is the sure way of increasing your metabolism.  In other words: There is no way you can increase you metabolic rate by being a couch potato for the rest of your life.  Get up! Grab those running shoes! Have your regular work-outs.  Having a more active life is what you need to burn those stubborn fats away!

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