How to Deal with Loose Skin After Losing Weight

Published:April 17th, 2010

If you were successful in shedding off those nasty 7 stones, congratulations! You would never know that so many people are having difficulty just to lose one. Once you lose weight, it’s natural that your skin will sag, and it’s rather an impossible option to surgically restructure your skin when you can improve that without breaking the bank. Here are our top 6 tips to improve sagging skin after a successful weight loss regimen:

1. Do not hesitate to take little steps. If you decide to do a drastic weight loss, sure enough your skin is going to sag (Have you sees those post-liposuction skin sags?) so it’s best to eliminate this problem early on. The skin needs a lot of time to shrink as you shed off some pounds, and it’s important to remember that fact.

2. Exercise. Once you’re done with cardio, always do a lot of stretching and toning especially at the abdomen region where most skin sag happens after a successful weight loss. Sit ups and stability balls help you achieve a great firm skin, and the most effective sit ups will not require you to break your neck – but just to tone down your upper abdomen muscles, then the mid-regions, then the lower abdomen which has the most love handles. Do not forget the side sit-ups too! The more you tone all your abdomen regions and if you all do this daily, you will just find a happy surprise that all your sagging skin is gone.

3. Do not forget the other areas. These are your upper arms, thighs, buttocks, calf muscles, even your chin can store some fat too and can indeed sag. Stretch and exercise them too daily before breakfast. Not only that you are training your skin to firm up, you’ll feel better and more energized as you can now easily manage stress.

4. The most effective sit-ups will require at least 100 counts daily. Daunting? Think of it this way. Do 10 different ab exercise types and for each type, do just 10 counts for each. As you make yourself remember and conscious of the next type, and as long as you do these daily, you will no longer notice.

5. If you feel pain in your ab muscles as you do the sit-ups, those are good signs. You burn a lot more fat and calories this way as your body sends signals to the brain that since your muscles are toning, your skin should be in sync. If your back and neck are more painful than your ab muscles, you’re doing something wrong.

6. Finally, always remember to apply some oil or lotion or body butter to your sagging skin. Not only that your skin will meet its moisture requirement, but it will achieve a better quality as it continues to firm up.

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