How Red-Hot Chilli Can Help Lose Weight

Published:June 28th, 2010

[Mail Online] – Studies have found that eating chillis can help lose weight by improving metabolism and directly burning fat. Researchers are also claiming that the heat generated from the spice oxidizes fat layers as it increases the metabolism.

For those with sensitive taste buds however, they can also benefit from peppers without having to endure the sometimes tormenting after taste of chillis.

Supporting this study and claim, capsaicin, a powerful ingredient used in a lot of fat burner pills, had also been found in non-spicy varieties of chilli. University of California researchers have taken a closer look of this claim, after being intrigued by how exactly these chillis make its consumers sweat as much. Thirty four men and women were fed with non-hot varieties of pepper; others were fed with placebo pills, while supplemented with a low-calorie diet. It was discovered that energy levels soared to those given the higher amounts of capsaicin (non-hot versions of pepper and chilli) compared to those who were given placebo.

This study however, must not be interpreted as an end-all magical cure to obesity and frustrations over non-effective alternatives of weight loss. The effects of chilli have not been established yet as to powerfully stop weight loss without sensible diet and regular exercise. Many people can still attest that chillis eaten on a calorie controlled diet has very minimal effect on weight loss. Medical authorities still find these dubious, since the increased perspiration from eating a lot of chillis might just be misinterpreted as a fat burning process.

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