How Drinking Water Alone Can Help Lose Weight

Published:March 31st, 2010

It may sound absurd but indeed you can lose weight just increasing your water intake. It may well be part of your exercise or diet supplement; still, no one can underestimate the slimming effects water alone can provide.

1.    Drink water in the morning and before every meal or snack. A glass of water before breakfast helps speed up your metabolism and flushes out the remaining toxins. For this regimen to work and to help you lose weight, drink a glass of water in the morning, do a 15-minute walk or exercise then eat breakfast. The body burns more fat when the glycemic levels are low, and this usually occurs in the morning before eating anything or before drinking coffee, so take advantage of the body’s natural fat burning capability.

2.    Your water consumption reduces the amount of fat deposited in the cell walls. This means that the more water you drink during the day, the lesser the fat is deposited and is faster converted into energy.

3.    When the body is dehydrated, all the cholesterol tightens up in the cell walls. When cholesterol accumulates, water is prevented from leaving the cells.

4.    Proteins, enzymes and all important nutrients work best if diluted in water.

5.    Processed food, artificial chemicals, and other toxins should all be flushed out by water for the body to lose fat faster and more efficient.

6.    Water effectively numbs out hunger. It’s a good filler, it increases your metabolism, and is a great stress reliever.

7.    Instead of soda, water speeds up digestion better than sugary drinks which can later on be converted into fat if not expended.

Forget the calories, the carbohydrates, and starving yourself to death. Eat what you like, avoid too much sugar and salt, and keep that big water bottle handy. It is important to remember that for the slimming effects of water to be achieved, your physical activity has to be increased as well.

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