How Detoxification Accounts for Significant Weight Loss

Published:May 18th, 2010

Addicted to junk food and soda? Obesity and weight gain is widely prevalent in most developed countries because of the great accessibility to junk food and soda. It’s cheaper, more addictive, and there are so many choices to choose from. You can’t abruptly stop the bad habit, but there is a way to gradually introduce something that will help you lose weight without having to stop it all too suddenly.
Do a detoxification regime at least once and a week and see the changes for yourself. Set a day for detoxification where no junk food and/or soda will be consumed – but load yourself with your favorite fruits and add up a chamomile or jasmine or green tea. Fill your diet with vegetables and fruits, just a little bit of red meat if you must, but compensate on white meat (fish, chicken, turkey) instead. Avoid carbs and fat on this day, but if you must, keep it all light – the butter, oils, breads, pastas, rice, and sweets. The trick here is to drink 2 full glasses of water every meal, indulge on your favorite fruits and vegetables, then the meat, carbs, or fat thereafter.
Don’t forget the extra water intake and even just a 10 or 20 minute run during the day to complete the detoxification process – sweat it all out, flush those toxins out, and you will surely feel the difference. This process will surely rid you of the free radicals that damage your cells, more often than not causing you a lot of stress, and it will also rid you of the junk that primarily accounts for fat and water retention that causes your weight gain. It’s an effective way to remove the traces of the addictive substances in your body, and help you cope with your cravings.
Soon enough, you’ll see a natural change of upgrading your diet.

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