Green Coffee Bean Extract: Is it really effective in weight loss?

Published:August 25th, 2012


Obesity leads to many complications in our body. Not only does it ruin your self-confidence but it also adds up to the chance of having different diseases especially cardiovascular disorders. To be healthy, maintaining the body weight is one of the most important factors that one cannot deny. You will see that there are so many natural remedies that can help you shed some calories and get a smarter physique. One of such natural remedy is green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract is a new effective way of losing weight according to recent research and clinical trials. In this article, we will see if it is really a healthy and effective weight loss remedy for the obese or not.

Well, green coffee beans are basically the unroasted coffee beans that seem to have a deep connection with weight loss. Chlorogenic acid, a chief content of green coffee bean, works to lower the absorption of glucose during digestion. This causes a slow rise of blood glucose levels, thereby making you feel full for a longer time.

It acts as an anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory agent too. It also has anti-oxidant properties that effectively eliminate the harmful free radicals that are responsible for aging. Since the use of green coffee bean extract helps lower the blood sugar level, the consumption of fat by the body and breakdown inside the liver is increased. One can get benefitted by this green remedy of weight loss without making any significant dietary changes. It is, however, true that diet and workout exercises play a great role in burning off the calories.

Following are the points in favor of green coffee beans which influences our weight:

  • Firstly, the phytochemical chlorogenic acid present in green coffee bean minimizes the utilization of glucose which is an instant source of energy for the body. Less amount of glucose in blood ensures more fat consumption.
  • It gets attached to certain foods and therefore obstructs their absorption.
  •  It possesses less amount of caffeine as compared to roasted coffee beans. It contains more chlorogenic acid because this acid is burnt when the coffee bean is roasted.
  • Green coffee beans have less taste and little aroma as compared to coffee beans.
  • It works to reduce weight without any side effects.
  • Since it decreases the digestion of glucose as well as fat naturally, the food stays inside the stomach for a longer time and thus one doesn’t feel hungry for a long time. This aids in reducing weight gain and increases the burning of fat.

Green coffee beans available in the form of weight loss supplement capsules which contain the exact amount of chlorogenic acid, 100mg, work effectively to lose weight. Many people who were assigned to try this have got mind blowing results.

If you choose to eat a balanced and healthy diet, exercise regularly and include green coffee bean extracts to your routine, no one can stop you from getting the perfect physique you wish for. This sounds easy but one needs to be very patient as well as motivated to accept this challenge like a man and shed off those extra pounds to look smart and beautiful.

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