Foods that help you burn fat

Published:June 28th, 2012


Besides exercising and engaging in physical activities, another great way to burn body fat healthily is through eating foods that actually help burn fat. These fat-burning foods are perfect for busy people who want to lose some weight but are generally hindered by their hectic lifestyles. Fat-burning foods not only boost metabolism of fat in the body, but also help enhance digestion and normalize blood glucose levels. The relative ease and convenience in preparing a great number of these foods make them perfect for today’s extremely occupied population.

Whole grains

First on the list are whole grains, such as oats (oatmeal), whole-grain pasta, brown rice, and whole-wheat tortillas. These foods retard the passage of fat and sugar into the bloodstream, thereby, lowering the production of insulin, increasing metabolism and energy levels, while burning belly fat. These foods are quite easy to prepare and are ideal for the first meal of the day, i.e., breakfast. It’s a known fact that people who do not skip breakfasts tend to lose weight more as opposed to people who do. Oatmeal for instance makes an excellent fat-burner because it is rich in fiber and is helpful in keeping the body’s blood sugar levels from fluctuating or spiraling either too high or too low. These two characteristics of oatmeal promote a sensation of fullness, hence, increasing satiety while reducing hunger pangs. Also, the protein and fiber contents of oatmeal aid in breaking up fat and in increasing the overall metabolic process, thus resulting in less body mass (less weight) and a leaner physique.


Another healthy and flavorful means to burning fat is by eating nuts, but not fried or salted. Nuts are excellent sources of “good/healthy” fats, mainly monounsaturated fats, which can actually pull down cholesterol levels to normal limits and keep arteries pliant. Nuts are also rich sources of fiber, especially walnuts and almonds. Naturally high in calories, nuts are ideal as snacks and also make wonderful ingredients in meals or dishes. Because nuts are very high in protein, and protein is inherently difficult to digest, the body in order to metabolize them will also be burning or using-up its fat reserves.

Dairy products

Third on the list are dairy products such as low or non-fat milk and cheese. These foods contain high levels of calcium and protein. High calcium is known to aid in dissolving fat while high protein helps in burning calories as well as giving a full tummy sensation.


Eggs are another fat-burner that can easily be incorporated in any meal. Contrary to what most people think, eggs are packed with healthy protein and are generally low in calories. Proteins in eggs contribute to a sense of fullness and satiety, since naturally proteins are harder to digest and require more time to metabolize. The vitamin B12 content in eggs also helps in breaking down fats. One recent study proves that people, who prefer eating eggs during breakfasts instead of carbohydrate-laden foods, tend to lose more weight.

Lean meats

Meat (lean variety) when eaten properly can also aid in burning fat. Examples of such meat include chicken or turkey meat, beef, and fish meat such as those from salmon or tuna. These foods are very high in protein, hence efficient at revving up one’s metabolism and promoting burning of stomach fat. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish meat specifically obstruct stress chemicals and prevent fat formation on the stomach region.

Green tea

Drinking green tea regularly is another way to burn fat. One study has shown that green tea’s catechin polyphenols, antioxidants, and thermogenic contents are all powerful fat-burners. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) substance found in green teas is efficient at increasing the burning of fat through speeding up the body’s metabolism.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables should also be a staple in one’s diet as these are also excellent fat-burners. The high levels of antioxidants and vitamins found in veggies help to control food cravings and prevent hunger.

Other efficient fat burning foods are apple cider vinegar, olive oil, apples, cinnamons, citrus fruits (vitamin C-rich), pepper (jalapenos and cayenne chilies), flax seeds, cloves, dried mustard, and asparagus.

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