Factors That Affect the Rate of Your Metabolism

Published:January 9th, 2011

Many people blame their being obese or overweight to their slow metabolism. Is this true?  Is there such a thing as slow metabolism? What factors affect the rate of your metabolism?  Is there a way to speed things up?

According to Mayoclinic.com, metabolism is the process of converting your stored fats into usable energy.  Even when you are resting, your body still needs energy to maintain healthy body functions.  These body functions that occur even at rest include breathing, heart beating and blood circulation, food digestion and cell and tissue repair.  Truly, life can never exist without the process of metabolism.

And so, what are the factors affecting your metabolic rate?

1.       Your body size.  Do you know that the heavier and larger you become, the faster is your metabolism? Contrary to common belief that obese people have slower metabolism, it is now known that the heavier your body gets, the more active your metabolic process becomes.  This is because your increased muscle mass burns more calories even at rest.

2.       Sex.  Do you know that men who are more muscularly built has faster metabolism than women?  Many clinical trials have shown that the greater your muscle bulk, the higher your energy expenditure becomes.  This is because your skeletal muscle is the primary burner of energy within your body.  Thus, if you try to increase your muscle mass through regular exercise, the faster your energy requirement and fat oxidation become.  Sounds nice, huh?

3.       Age.  Let’s face it.  All of us will grow old in time. And so does our metabolism.  Scientists have proven that the rate of metabolism slows down with age.  This means that to maintain your normal weight despite your advancing age, you have to keep yourself physically active.

There may be other reasons that can slow your metabolism into a turtle-like rate.  If you keep on trying to burn more energy without apparent results, the best thing to do is talk with your doctor.  This way, other pathological conditions that can slow your metabolic rate can be ruled out.

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