Diet mistakes to avoid

Published:November 9th, 2011



You must have tried every possible way to fit into your old jeans and look smart. You have worked out in the gym and tried numerous diet plans. But it happens sometimes that despite all the efforts you still remain your old plump self.

The main solution to your problem is to identify and avoid the mistakes that you are making while choosing your diet plan. Following are some of the diet mistakes you need to avoid to lose weight:-

Skipping meals

One of the commonest mistakes that diet enthusiasts make is to skip one of the meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Though, initially in the first week you will lose more pounds, but eventually it will lead to failure as your body gets a wrong impression and conserves energy. Because of skipping meals, brain starts preparing the body for the next starvation, and this will command an individual cell to reduce its metabolism and conserve all the energy that it has. So this effect is just opposite to your goal of losing weight- which is to increase your body metabolism.


Decreasing calorie intake to very low levels

Cutting your calorie intake to less than the minimum requirements of your body will slow down the metabolism of your body. For example, females need 1200-1500 calories in a day and if the intake of calories is less than 1200, it will lead to many nutritional deficiencies in addition to a slow metabolic rate. Thus eventually there is no weight loss.


Eating only Carbohydrates in diet

You cannot survive only on bread, pasta etc, as fats, proteins, minerals, and essential vitamins are equally required for optimum health. So having only carbohydrates in your diet is not going to fulfill your body’s requirements. The ultimate goal of weight loss is not fulfilled too.


Drinking less quantity of water

Water is one of the most important elements of a successful weight loss program but is often neglected by many of us. It is advised to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and even more if you are exercising and sweat profusely.


Having same food at each meal

Some of the dieters lack versatility in their food. They opt for similar foods in their diet plans most of the time. That becomes too boring and does not go well with the success of losing weight. It usually happens that after eating the same food for long time, you may crave different foods which are high in calories, thereby wasting all your efforts.


Having too much of good things

This is similar as having same food at each meal. For example someone may suggest that having only apples helps in losing more weight and you start consuming apples and forget about other food items. In this way you deprive your body of both nutrients and taste. This method is difficult to sustain too as it makes you indulge in other food after some time and once you do that your chances of gaining your old weight are higher.


Consuming hidden calories

You have tried hard and done everything right to lose weight but still do not see the desired results. This means that you are doing something wrong somewhere. So make a food log and note down everything which goes into your mouth. You will be surprised to realize that consumption of small food items such as butter, mayonnaise, sugar, salt, ketchup etc which you consume unknowingly in your diet is not letting you achieve your goal. Lowering the intake of these food items will help you significantly in achieving your goal of losing weight.


Losing weight effectively not only requires decreased calorie intake in the form of avoidance of junk food and colas but also requires eating a well balanced diet at regular intervals so that the metabolic rate is maintained at an optimum level. 

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