Determination: the key to successful weight loss

Published:October 15th, 2012



For dieters, getting trapped in the vicious weight loss-weight gain cycle or the one referred to as yo-yo dieting is very frustrating. Oftentimes, people who diet and submit themselves to weight loss programs fail miserably at it because they miss to include one very important element- determination. It all begins in the mind. As the cliché goes, what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. This actually applies to all facets of life and that absolutely includes the area of weight loss or shedding those extra pounds successfully.

In reality following a strict diet plan and exercising regularly can only do so much if one is not really determined to make it work or is focused on the end result or eventually willing to change it into a totally new lifestyle. It’s so much easier to get started in a weight loss program, but the real challenge is to be able to stick to it and follow-through. In terms of losing unwanted body mass, enthusiasm will get you started alright, but it is sheer determination and firm resolve that will allow you to triumphantly win over the battle of the bulge.

Some helpful motivational tips for successfully reducing weight are as follows:

1. Literally visualize the exact body physique you have in mind by hanging or posting a picture that perfectly matches the one you want to achieve or become. This serves as a constant reminder and is a sure way to strengthen your drive to succeed.

2. Keep a timeline, one that will allow you to plan as well as jot down and monitor your progress. This will also reinforce discipline and will guarantee a higher rate of success.

3. Seek the company of others who have the same objective as you do, so you would not feel all alone and thus, weaken your determination to lose weight. Joining support groups will help broaden your knowledge and perspective about the entire process of losing weight and also boost your resolve towards becoming a healthier new you.

4. Some people find it cathartic to vent out their weight issues to others.  In their case talking to someone, be it family, friends, or a psychologist or psychiatrist sort of lowers their worries and anxieties, hence, making the weight loss process a lot easier for them.

5. For the more introverted dieters, weight loss books could be their perfect partner towards successfully losing weight. These bunch of people benefit through being guided and informed when it comes to overcoming their weight woes by reading self-help books that discuss both proper or correct dieting and exercising.

6. Look for a perfect weight loss chum. The purpose for this is to literally have someone by your side who will give you moral support by encouraging you to carry on especially when the process starts to become tedious and cumbersome.

7. Achieving your desired or ideal weight upon starting a weight loss plan does not happen overnight. It takes days, weeks, months, even years, huge amounts of persistence and tons and tons of patience to lose weight the right way. The idea is to carry it out one step at a time. Setting realistic goals also help a lot.

8. Rewarding yourself for each and every milestone you achieve is highly-encouraged, provided the reward or prize is non-food. This positively conditions the mind to continuously do a good job. The reward could come in the form of clothing, a dress or pants perhaps that you’ve been longing to wear but couldn’t because of your size.

9. Every now and then tell yourself you’re doing a great job at making yourself more beautiful. Affirmation such as this will foster your willpower to keep going.

10. Trust in yourself and believe that you are actively doing things that will not only make your body aesthetically pleasing but more so, sound and healthy.








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