Benefits of Aerobic Exercise: It’s More Than Just a Fat Burning Activity

Published:February 16th, 2011

Aerobic exercises are activities that move your body in a pace that results in the speeding of your heart rate and breathing rate.  If you are new to physical exercises, the best thing for you to do is take your physical activities easy. Start by having some brisk walking exercises.  But once your body gets accustomed to physical exertion, it’s high time take it to the next level and start aerobic exercises.

What are the benefits of aerobic exercises?

  1. Aerobic exercises can help you control your weight. Physical activity can help you burn extra fats within your body thus preventing you from gaining more weight. The more time you dedicate to these aerobic exercises, the more calories you can burn per session.
  2. Aerobic exercises can prevent you from having cardiovascular problems and stroke. Aerobic exercises strengthen your heart muscles and improve cardiac muscle blood flow.  It can also decrease your blood pressure and your bad cholesterol blood levels.
  3. Aerobic exercises can strengthen your bones. Aerobic exercises that involves weight-bearing such as brisk walking and jogging are good activities that promote health of your bones. With stronger bones, the risk for the development of osteoporosis becomes lesser.
  4. Aerobic exercises can improve your outlook in life. Regular physical activity can clear your thinking. Furthermore, it lessen pressure and tension from building up inside your mind. And it can also help relieve depression, a culprit for increased caloric intake and resultant obesity.

What are the fun and simple aerobic physical activities you can do?

  1. jogging or brisk walking
  2. swimming
  3. modern and ballroom dancing
  4. bicycling
  5. aerobic classes
  6. basketball
  7. soccer

You are most likely to be more active if you enjoy what you are doing. so, why not invite your friends and your family in your aerobic exercises? Try these activities, enjoy and start reaping the health benefits it can bring into your life.

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