Baby Food Diet

Published:April 12th, 2012


Nowadays, obesity has become a very common problem all over the world. Obesity or weight issues are disturbing for both men and women alike. To curb obesity many diet regimens have become popular. These diets are either self regulated or advised by a doctor. Moreover, everyday new researches are done to find out various techniques and diet regimens to lose weight.

One of the new diet regimens that have become very popular, especially among celebrities, is the baby food diet. Baby food diet is the current trend among Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. Baby food diet, as the name says, is a diet based on baby’s food. However, baby food diet is not yet researched properly. As the diet is really successful and has helped many people to lose extra weight, researchers will soon start researches to validate this diet too. The diet is invented by the celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

What is to be eaten in a baby food diet?

In general baby food diet depends on substituting your regular meals with the tiny jars of baby food. These jars are full of pureed fruits, vegetables and even mashed potatoes. These baby food jars can be taken in different ways, either by eating one regular meal per day and eating baby food jars the rest of the day, or by eating 3 tiny regular meals with 3 to 4 baby food jars in between meals, or by just eating baby food jars the whole day.

Advantages of baby food diet

The baby food diet has worked well for many people. Most people who tried baby food diet reported that they managed to follow it for weeks and even months. People on baby food diet can control every calorie they take, can control every inch they lose.

The advantage of this diet is that it depends on foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It also supplies the body with a reasonable amount of energy sources that is lower than the needed daily limits. So, the body will find some fuel to go on, and will also have to burn a lot of fat to get the rest of needed energy. Another advantage is that baby food does not contain additives or preservatives and also contain plenty of nutrients.

It also fits for individuals who have crowded schedules and can not go for exercise. Baby food jars can be taken any where and does not even need to be microwaved.

The food is also free from salts and available in organic forms too. There are a large range of varieties to choose from and they all taste good.

Another thing that can’t be missed is that baby food is much cheaper than other diet foods.

Disadvantages of baby food diet

Most of the people following a baby food diet do not reach satiety. This is most probably due to the fact that there is no chewing of food. However, due to the frequency of meals, hunger is controlled. Also, as baby food does not contain fibers, it may cause constipation. Baby food diet is poor in calcium and vitamin D. It is not advised to follow this diet for a long time, especially in older people.

Though baby food diet helps to lose weight, but, if the total calorie intake is more than what is required by the body, no results will be achieved. Instead, the body may gain weight.



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