Are other people sabotaging your weight loss program?

Published:November 10th, 2012


Your weight loss program is an important aspect of your life and should remain so at all times. It is therefore rather unfortunate when this program is interfered with by other people. The norm remains that the people in your life are there because you have chosen to let them be and they are definitely valuable to you. Automatically, it means that they are people who are supportive and care about your interests. However, when it comes to dieting and issues affecting food, the same people may become a stumbling block to the achievement of your goals. You therefore have to be alert and watch out so that such a situation does not arise.

When other people impair the success of your weight loss program, it could be because they do not understand what you are doing. A specific example is when children do not understand why their mother or father cannot join in to eat with them. The best way to handle this situation is to try and explain to your children that you are basically working to keep fit and healthy. Let them know that by watching your diet, you will be a better and healthy person and that is why you tend to be too careful on diet. This is a good way of enabling your loved ones support you in your weight loss regime. Another great option involves preparing separate meals, one for your family and another for yourself containing the foods you ought to eat. This way, you will avoid skipping meals at the expense of important family meal times.

The people closest to us such as our spouses or partners can serve as stepping stones to attaining weight loss goals or they could become pitfalls. For that matter, if you really want to lose weight and have a fairly smooth time while at it, then you need a support system in the form of your spouse. Communicate to them how such an undertaking is important to you and if possible let them help out so that you do not feel like you are fighting in the battle alone. When you make them understand, they will be more sensitive to your needs and will also encourage you to keep on. If your spouse too is overweight, you can also ask them to join you and together you can motivate each other and achieve your weight loss goals.

Another category of people who influence your weight loss program is colleagues or co-workers in the office. They need to know that you are out on a strict undertaking so that when office parties are thrown, they do not entice you to join in. When they comprehend why you cannot join in the stuffing with pastries and other unhealthy foods, you will have gained a great deal of support from them. When you have to attend these social events, you can bring along your own snacks and only take a bite of the party delicacies just to be polite. In case of situations when you cannot avoid eating just eat a small amount and make sure to account for it in your overall calorie count.

The secret in having a successful weight loss regime is including the people closest to you in it. Make them understand, and then let them cheer you on!

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