Always Hated Exercise? Enjoy it for the First Time to Lose Weight!

Published:May 6th, 2010

You’ll always hate exercise if you think that you’ll have to spend a day on the treadmill or endless laps. It’s because our psyche dictates that it’s more of an obligation rather than play or recreation that we always look forward to enjoying. You don’t have to go to the gym if the mere sight of the equipment tires you and stops you from it.
Remember, without a little bit of exercise, all your weight loss campaigns are doomed to fail.
Here are some other ways to enjoy exercise for weight loss:
1. A simple outdoor fun. Play Frisbee with your dog, run with your kids, or fly a kite with them as you run, play ball, and the exercise is done! You don’t have to spend a day on the gym and waste money on membership if it really tires and de-motivates you.
2. Dancing. Though there are a lot of people scared of dancing, taking your first dancing lessons will be so much fun, and will indeed make you sweat. Whether ballroom, or Latin American, or African, or Urban/Hip-hop, you’re never too old to dance and set the creativity loose. Important thing is, the music, the upbeat, and the sweating is more fun than the boring treadmill.
3. Some new sports. If you don’t like boxing or martial arts, how about wakeboarding, surfing, mountain climbing, or a simple board-paddling on a lake? Enroll first time in a class or just buy some equipment and research how it’s done. Learning something new is also fun, plus the benefit of literally moving every muscle.
4. Taichi, Yoga, or some Asian meditative exercise. You see, people who are active in these are not so stressed and are most of the time, in great shape. The reason behind is that these Asian meditative exercises commands meditation and exercise that will bring all the inner peace despite life’s daily stresses. Taichi improves balance, posture, sleep, focus, muscle strength, as you move with nature. Great news, it’s low impact. But the important thing is, it’s an enjoyable exercise too that will keep you moving, start you getting in better shape, and help you manage stress. Yoga on the other hand will stretch all your muscles and help you meditate deeply – shut down all your thoughts and troubles, be one with the cosmos, and revive your inner peace and strength. You also get to enjoy the same benefit of exercise.
Remember, the key here is to have fun while you exercise. If you don’t enjoy it, might as well look for something else that will help you enjoy exercise for a better health and a slimmer waistline.

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