A Healthy Match: Juicing and Weight Loss

Published:March 17th, 2012

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If you’ve been dreaming of losing some pounds but neither wants to sweat your way in the gym nor welcome liposuction needles in your body, then juicing might be the perfect solution for you.

Juicing has gained more audience recently and is found to be a great way to detoxify and lose weight. A diet based on juice doesn’t just help you attain your desired weight, but also makes you healthy as juices are rich in various nutrients and minerals.  Fruits and vegetables, when taken in juice form, are easily absorbed by the body as they do not have to go through the long digestive process.

Benefits of a diet based on juices

Intake is easier

With its colorful and attractive appeal, it is easier to drink a juice made from carrots than to chew them especially when you are not in the mood to be a Bugs Bunny.  You saved your chewing effort however you earned the health benefits of carrots.

Digestive system gets a break

Juices are filled with digestive enzymes and make your liver and pancreas work less. You get to save the energy of your vital organs but get almost a 100% of its nutritional content.

Juices are rich in anti-oxidants

Juices contain antibiotics that naturally help in fighting infection. More importantly, juices contain anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Vitamin E and other substances that combat inflammation and even cancer. Anti-oxidants are substances that fight free radicals, hence reducing free radical damage.

Juices help in detoxification of the body and in reduction of weight

One great benefit from juicing is that it eliminates toxic and unwanted substances from your body.  It facilitates stimulation of regular activity of bowels, kidneys and liver.  It also reduces cellulite by improving the circulation of fats.  In effect, the liver burns more fats efficiently. Regular intake of juices creates a more vibrant, healthy and a fitter you.

Different types of fruits and vegetables that you can use to create your slimming juices

Some key ingredients that can help you in your weight loss goals are carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce, beetroot, apple, cabbage and citrus fruits.  Carrots give a sweet juice that has liver cleansing abilities, stimulate digestion and provide much beta-carotene.  Cucumber juice is best for weight loss because it is lower in calories and contains a lot of water.  Cabbage is a common ingredient used to lose weight successfully. It works wonders by cleansing your body. Cabbage soup diet is a very popular diet that is used to lose weight quickly.

Apple, another good fruit to use for juicing diets, promotes stable blood-sugar levels and contributes to a healthy body.  Lettuce is another great choice that can be used.  It is rich in minerals and has alkaline properties.  Tomato is good for purifying the blood and for stimulating blood circulation.  It has properties that can aid in reducing acid levels in the body too.  More fruits and vegetables that offer similar benefits are celery, beetroot, spinach, watercress and other citrus fruits.

Indeed, juicing is a great way for weight loss – not only you will get a fitter body you once longed for but also acquire the vital nutrition needed to sustain and prolong life. No method, however, is truly effective unless you combine it with discipline and dedication.

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