Weight Loss: How to beat cravings?

Published:November 18th, 2011

Whenever you are on a diet to lose weight, the most critical hindrance comes by way of food cravings. It is common human nature that how much we try; still we are not able to resist some of the foods. Carving is the psychological addiction to anything such as food, drugs etc and fighting this addiction (mainly cravings for food rich in fats and sugar) is very difficult.

But by following certain techniques you can beat not only your food cravings, but also reach your goal of optimum weight.

Drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry

Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst. Whenever you feel that your stomach is empty, drink a glass of water or natural low calorie drink such as coconut water to avoid eating when you actually don’t need it.


Try to eat food at regular intervals

Do not keep your stomach empty for long durations, as this causes the blood sugar to fall down thereby increasing your desire for sugary and sweet food. Therefore, try to eat multiple mini meals at regular intervals. Also try to opt for a healthier version of food you crave for.


Recognize the emotions and feeling that lead to food carving

Try to plan your time and keep yourself busy when you are struggling with any food craving. For example some people start craving for food whenever they are tired or bored and indulge in wrong eating. If you are tired – take a nap, go for a short walk or talk to your friend instead of eating unhealthy foods.


Indulge yourself in some activity

When you deprive yourself completely, your desire for food increases. Therefore, indulge yourself in an activity that makes you feel good such as go for shopping or get involved in some form of exercise which will also help burn your calories and make you lose weight.


Try to practice portion control

Instead of going for a king size burger, go for small portion of meals you crave for. This way you will satisfy your craving in a controlled way.


Involve in some form of regular exercise

Doing physical activities increase endorphins, which are chemicals that help in controlling food cravings. It is advised to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. This will help you in losing weight too.


Substitute your food with complex carbohydrates or low fat products

Whenever you are hungry and craving for food, instead of eating chocolate, have low-fat chocolate yogurt. This way you will satisfy your craving and eat fewer calories.


Eat foods rich in calcium

Studies show that deficiency in calcium leads to food craving and our body starts looking for different food items to fill this deficiency. So make sure that your diet consists of low calorie food loaded with calcium. Best example for this kind of food is green leafy vegetables, low fat dairy, eggs etc.


Keep yourself busy

It’s an old expression that “Idle mind is Devil’s home”, so keep yourself busy. Idler you are, more you will crave for unhealthy food.


Clean your house of all the unhealthy food

Clean your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator from all types of unhealthy food. If no unhealthy food is available, it is obvious that you won’t go for it and will look for something else or will indulge in some other activity.


Relieve your stress

You will be surprised to know that stress increases your food cravings. So try and relax yourself by opting for various relaxing techniques such as meditation, yoga, walking, or by just simply enjoying the weather by sitting in the garden…


By keeping just few things in mind you can beat your food cravings and lose weight. So eat wisely and be happy!

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