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Nuratrim is the latest slimming pill to come out from the Nuropharm Limited, an experienced lab responsible for a range of other supplements..
We have recently received our review sample and have been trying it out for the last couple of days to see how it performs and to check its claims.

What is Nuratrim?

Nuratrim is a non prescription slimming pill which uses natural ingredients, to provide safe and effective weight loss. According to clinical studies Nuratrim was able to:

  • Burn an extra 380 Calories a day
  • Help digestion of Fat
  • Suppress snacking and help with portion control
  • Burn 15X more calories a day

Nuratrim achieves this by tackling the following problem areas:

  • Appetite control
  • Snacking between meals
  • Slow metabolism

These are responsible for the majority of weight gain cases, and if this supplement works as described, could lead to much trimmer figures in the new year.

How Does Nuratrim Work?

Nuratrim’s unique formula features a powerful combination of 100% natural ingredients, which have each been proven to work in clinical studies.

Glucomannan is one of the most effective water-soluble dietary fiber that is derived from konjac root. Many studies have found that dietary fiber not only reduces appetite, but provides that “full” feeling to help you stay snack free between meals. This have show to not only help users eat better, but lose significant weight doing so.

Capsicum is a clinically proven metabolism booster which comes from the chili family, that is able to accelerate fat burning and thermogenesis.

Green Coffee
Green Coffee has shown to be very effective in regulating glucose absorption and regulation. And studies have found that participants taking  Green Coffee extract lost on average 3lbs more than the placebo group.

Licorice Extract
Results of a clinical study published in a journal called Obesity Research and Clinical Practice have shown Licorice Extract to not only speed up metabolisim but help produce significant improvements in body fat, body weight, body mass index, and LDL cholesterol levels.

Combined, these natural ingredients work in synergy to help control eating habits, burn more calories, help with LDL cholesterol levels, and help breakdown fat to help with fat burning.

Is Nuratrim Effective?

Researching the ingredients list it looks like this should be a clear winner, not only are all ingredients clinically proven to work, but they are also 100% natural.
Nuratrim has undergone clinical studies, in which 65 participants took Nuratrim daily during an 8 week period without amending their diet or lifestyle. The results are nothing short of impressive:

  • 90% of participants lost a staggering minimum of 14 LBS
  • Participants noticed a reduction in appetite and snacking
  • Their metabolic rate increased by over 35% and participants burned an additional 20% of fat on average.

Click here to read about the Nuratrim success stories.

Is Nuratrim Safe To Use?

Nuratrim features 100% natural ingredients, and we could not find any specific cases of side effects reported for the ingredients used in the capsules.
Compared to prescription slimming pills, Nuratrim offers a potent yet safe natural alternative, which coupled with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet should help with weight loss.

Our Verdict

By tackling the most frequent causes of weight gain, Nuratrim should work for the majority of dieters looking to lose weight.  And if you are looking for a tried and tested slimming pill without the risks associated with prescription pills, then look no further than Nuratrim.

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