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Did you know that there are companies who will lie to you about the purity of their hoodia products? While others claim to offer pure “hoodia” products, they use fillers, binders and additives in the processing of their goods. This may save a little bit of money for the company, but it gives you a substandard product.

HoodiaPatch™ is different. Each HoodiaPatch™ contains 40mg of 100% pure Hoodia, a natural appetite suppressant which is grown in South Africa. Produced by the creators of Unique Hoodia, this patch is the ONLY pure hoodia product on the market.

With HoodiaPatch™ you can:
* Destroy your hunger and appetite
* Eat less and quickly lose weight
* Follow any diet by losing the cravings

Applying a HoodiaPatch™ every day lets you experience natural appetite suppression all day. GUARANTEED!

Tell Me More About Hoodia

Grown naturally in the South African Kalahari desert, the Hoodia gourdonii cactus is world renowned as nature’s most effective appetite suppressant. People in the local tribes have been using hoodia for centuries. They take it with them on long hunting trips, allowing them to go for days without food and water.

When Westerners discovered Hoodia, it became an overnight success. They didn’t believe that such a perfect product existed! In an exclusive BBC study, it was revealed that people who take hoodia gourdonii eat 40% less than those who don’t.

Why Use a Patch?

Patch technology for smoking has been around for decades. Now it is available for weight loss. What makes patches so effective? Trans-dermal patches WORK because the active ingredients bypass the stomach and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin. As a result, Patches are 95% more effective than pills and tablets which have to follow the traditional route. Patches fast acting because you don’t have to wait for the ingredients to take effect. Not as much of the active ingredient needs to be present because it is going where it needs to be.

Try It Today Risk Free

Don’t delay in getting your HoodiaPatch™ today. The makers of HoodiaPatch are so sure about their product’s effectiveness that they offer a 180 day money back guarantee!

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Review by Angel, February 28, 2011

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