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Forza T5 is an established fat burning supplement range which started off in the bodybuilding scene and has since become popular as a mainstream weight loss aid.

Forza’s rising popularity is mainly down to their proprietary formula called Activ-RX and an extensive range of weight loss aids tailored to specific weight loss needs.

Today we’ll be covering Forza’s most popular products, and looking into whether this product is as good as it claims.

Firstly what is Activ-RX?

Active-RX is a unique and proprietary formula developed by Forza, which combines  Epicatechin (EC), Epicatechin gallate (ECG), Epigallocatechin (EGCG), and Trimethylxanthine.

These are all natural ingredients, which combined with some regular activity and a healthy eating plan can deliver some potent fat burning action.

Which product is for me?

The Forza T5 range is extensive, featuring many different combinations which can seem overwhelming. To make things easier, we have provided an overview of the most popular choices below as well as some guides to help you pick the right version for your needs.

Forza T5 Original & Super Strength Fat Burners

This is the original Forza T5 fat burner featuring the original formula of 60mg of Active-RX, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Bitter orange peel and guarana seed extract.

The super strength version comes with 100mg of Active-RX for faster results.

Main benefits:

  • Boosts metabolism for improved fat burning
  • Reduces appetite and helps with cravings by slowing down the absorption of serotonin
  • Helps lower the absorption of dietary fats

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Forza T5 Super Heat Fat Burner

This version is ideal for those looking for additional weight loss support, and for those who are not allergic to chili or cayenne pepper.

This is one of the strongest formulas, featuring 100mg of Active-RX, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Bitter orange peel, guarana seed extract, and 100mg of Cayenne chili pepper.
The T5 Super Heat is a strong fat burner, which is ideal to target stubborn weight, as it will help you burn more calories throughout your day through thermogenesis as well as help delay the absorption of fat and help with cravings.

Main benefits:

  • Combines Chili which is a proven metabolism booster for improved fat burning
  • Also combines an appetite suppressor and helps with cravings by slowing down the absorption of serotonin
  • And inhibits the absorption of dietary fats

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Forza T5 Super Strength with Acai Berry

This version is ideal if you want to lose weight and also detox at the same time.

Combining the Forza T5 Super Strength formula with Acai Berry this version will help you combat cell damage responsible for early ageing on top of some powerful weight loss.

This powerful formula features 100mg of Active-RX, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Bitter orange peel, guarana seed extract, and 100mg of Acai Berry.
The acai berry is a well known antioxidant, which will help cleanse your body, neutralize cell-damaging free radicals, and provide a rich source of amino acids, fibre, iron, Omega 3,6, 9 and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C & E.

Main benefits:

  • Boost metabolism for improved fat burning
  • Helps with cravings by slowing down the absorption of serotonin
  • Reduces the absorption of dietary fats
  • Antioxidant rich which helps neutralize cell damage
  • Helps detox and provides rich source of vitamins and minerals

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Forza T5 Night Time Fat Burner

If you want a fat burner without any caffeine then the night time fat burner is for you.
This is stimulant free so can take it before going to sleep to get results whilst you sleep.

Also this can be used along side other supplements for an fat burning extra kick in the night time.

This version contains Apple Pectin powder, bitter orange peel, Cha De Bugre, Castella Asiadica and Cayenne for stimulant free but potent fat burning formula.


  • High strength to boost metabolism for improved fat burning
  • Stimulant free, so no sleepless nights if you take it late
  • Can be used alongside other Forza T5 fat burners for even better results

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Looking for something more powerful….?

Forza have also developed a limited edition “prototype” range which features their most powerful formulas to date. These are literally the strongest fat burners that Forza have ever created, and should only be used if you have previously taken the Super Strength range with success.

Forza T5 Black Heat

The Forza T5 Black Heat is a powerful fat burner featuring a huge 150mg of Activ-RX HCL, as well as Chili pepper to supercharge your metabolism.

This 100% natural formula includes Forza’s own Activ-Rx Hcl, powerful Cayenne pepper, Mala Root Ext 4:1, Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium, Synoprene), Caffeine, Guarana and L-Tyrosine to aid fat loss.

Again this is no ordinary fat burner, and because of the high strength formula should only be taken if you have had positive results with the super strength range of Forza fat burners.

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So whats the verdict?

If you haven’t tried Forza products yet, and are looking to take control of your appetite and boost your weight loss then opt for the Original Forza T5 or Forza T5 Super Strength.

If you are looking for a stronger fat burner, and are not allergic to chili peppers, then Forza’s Super Heat is for you. This version will supercharge your metabolism and help melt the pounds away.

Do you want to combine weight loss and get your daily dose of health boosting antioxidants? Then Super Strength Acai is for you, featuring the anti ageing and detoxing benefits of the acai berry.

Looking to boost your results at night, or need a stimulant free fat burner? Then opt for Forza T5 Night Time.

Finally, if you want the strongest fat burner Forza have ever created, then you might want to try the limited edition Forza T5 Black Heat.

3 Customer Reviews of “Forza T5 Fat Burners”

Review by Michael, December 12, 2011

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Awesome addition to my gym routine, the ultimate gut buster!

Review by Martinez, December 12, 2011

Great products, I’m on my 3rd order.

Review by Kat, December 13, 2011

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  • 55555
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  • 55555

I’ve tried many slimming pills and these are by far the strongest I’ve found. I’ve recently tried the black one and it sure delivers a kick!

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