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At first we thought here’s another “miracle” slimming pill that has hit stores amongst the many millions of “miracle” slimming pills already available and sold.  Except this one is different, in that it has not only managed to pass stringent clinical trials, but is actually endorsed by a range of celebrities, and fitness experts who have had great results with Capsiplex.

What Is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a fat burning weight loss supplement which increases your metabolism and can burn the equivalent number of calories as a 25-minute jog, and an hour and 20 minutes of brisk walking does.

It a 100% natural weight loss supplement which uses a unique combination of capsicum and pepper extracts as its main active ingredients.

Britney Spears and a lot of other high profile Hollywood celebrities are said to widely use the product – and the feedback we have received from consumers has been phenomenal.

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According to the manufacturer you can burn up to 278 more calories extra and if you combine it with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise like a bit of walking every day you can achieve some exceptional results.

Perfect for those who just want to get quick results, many customers have reported losing around 2-3lbs a week and feeling fantastic.

Capsiplex With Chili And Capsicum – How Does It Work

Red hot peppers have always been linked to weight loss, but until now the problem has always been the gastric irritation caused by taking in lots of red hot peppers. The manufacturers purport however that this has been overcome by a protective coating that hinders the adverse gastric reaction.

Capsicum Extract on the other hand increases metabolism, reduces appetite, it effectively burns calories which in turn reduces body fat and body mass.

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Capsiplex Side Effects

Since Capsiplex is 100% organic, there are no side effect as the pill is also ideal for a strict vegetarian diet.

Does Capsiplex Work?

Well after undergoing stringent clinical trials, and real life testing with a large panel of testers and celebrities Capsiplex has proven that its unique formula works.

The results speak for themselves, and Capsiplex is now being introduced in various gyms and fitness centres as part of the training programme.

But do note that if you are allergic to chillies, it is recommended not to take Capsiplex. This should only affect a small percentage of the population allergic to chillies and the main active ingredient in Capsiplex.

We therefore recommend Capsiplex as part of a healthy regime, and exercise programme. It will enable you to lose weight faster and more efficiently, with results that speak for themselves. Click here to find out more at the official website.

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21 Customer Reviews of “Capsiplex”

Review by Nina, June 2, 2010

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Loving this, I’ve been on Capsiplex of 2 months now and I really feel good. My face is less puffy, and my body is much more toned. Roll on the summer!

Review by Cathy, June 5, 2010

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I was a bit unsure, but the girls at work were talking about Capsiplex so I gave it a go. The first week my face was a bit red after taking it (like after getting a hot flush) but that lasted only a week – I musthave got used to it. I lost 5lbs already and looking forward to showing off on my holiday in Egypt in July!

Review by Zarzuella, June 8, 2010

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It works, but not as much as I expected.

Review by Jamie, June 11, 2010

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This really works!
My gf was hassling me about not spending enough time at the gym, now I can tell her I’ve been to the Gym and go to the pub with the lads instead to watch the world cup 🙂

Review by claudia, June 30, 2010

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Can’t see it working at all. First of all I have stomach cramps since I am taking it – so I eat less than ususal – but no weight loss at all – rather feeling absolutelty bloated

Review by KK Girl, July 3, 2010

5th Day taking Capsiplex, and I have definately noticed a decrease in appetite, dropped a pound too in the process. I look forward to the next weeks.

Review by Nikky, July 22, 2010

I just purchased my first bottle of capsiplex, and I’m a bit nervous. Has anyone had any side effects?

Review by Helene, August 1, 2010

These are amazing,Its been a week and already dropped 3kg, all the negative feedback comes as a shock really, most people are probably expecting to drop a stone a week by sitting on their bums!
I think most of the negative comments come from people trying this out and then tucking into junk food at the end of the day.

Review by Stella, August 3, 2010

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First week on Capsiplex, I wasn’t sure what to expect so im pleasantly surprised to lose a quarter of an inch off my waist.

Review by sam, August 15, 2010

ive just ordered this from advanced health ltd is this the right company and im worried as ive read some reviews and it all sounds like they dont work hope they do tho any thoughts?

Review by andrea, November 24, 2010

these didn’t work for me at all, i don’t eat junk food, i exercise regular but haven’t lost one ounce since taking them

Review by Chanelle, November 26, 2010

I’ve been taking the pills for 9 days and I’ve been exercising and dieting and I’ve still not lost weight? I should have lost weight just from dieting alone! I’ll keep taking them but not sure if they really work??

Review by Jen, November 28, 2010

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To Chanelle and Andrew good luck! As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and weight loss can take time.
I’ve been changing my diet and taking Capsiplex for 3 months and I’ve seen some positive changes. Lost over 7lbs so far, and feeling great.
One thing which has really worked for me was to drink more water (especially when I start feeling hungry), I used to only drink a few teas a day, now I try and take at least 6 glasses of water.

Review by Jeff, November 29, 2010

It took me months to really lose weight, but it didn’t come from just taking a weight loss pill!
I had to do more exercise and eat better too. Yes pills will help massively, but you can’t just rely on those!

Review by Abby, December 2, 2010

Just received my order this morning and started them as well this morning. I’m used to eat spicy food, maybe this is why I haven’t experience any side effects at all. I’ve tried other fatburners in the past and they made me jittery, didn’t do wonder on my stomach. I’ve managed to loose 25 pounds since september 2009 all by myself but since a few months I have been stocked to 139…I would like to go down to 125! I hope it will help me out! This is not easy because I have already good eating habits and I exercice, If I have to cut my food intake again I won’t eat a lot since it’s already fine :S Anyway…I hope this will help, I’ll come back to you with my improvements 🙂

Review by fortunate, March 14, 2011

just ordered the pills , cant wait. hope thet will work for me!

Review by minxy, June 24, 2011

hi all….. some of the reviews are not what i want to hear i currently weigh 9.4 and would like to get back to about 8.5 thats like a 14lbs or a stone and need to lose this weight before i go away in sept but reading the reviews im not hopeful im due to recieve my tab in the next cpl of days il keep you posted wish me luck guys !!!!!!!!!! and gd luck to all that are currently on them ……….

Review by Maiher, July 11, 2011

Started taking these and didnt change diet/exercise routine in total lost 5lbs in a week, it has since slowed but I have been away from gym due to injury. Think these pills do work, my shape has changed for the better all the excess fat round my tummy is starting to go. Slower process if used without watching what you eat and exercising but if you exercise regularly you will see effect. instructions say to take an hour before exercise this is when they will work the hardest. will definitely continue to take them.

Review by Ashley, July 16, 2011

If you have a history of stroke, is it still safe?

Review by Kate, August 22, 2011

Im am worried what happens when you finish does your metabolism slow back down and you gain the weight back?

Review by Joe, August 28, 2011

@Jen : changing diet, Capsiplex for 3 months, 6 glasses of water/day and only 3.5kgs? Are you sure that those pills works or it is just your tries… 3kgs in 3months it is not something big, u know!

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