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African Mango is quickly becoming one of the most talked about weight loss products in the world. This is due in part to a variety of studies which have shown African Mango to be extremely successful when it comes to helping individuals lose weight, as well as being mentioned on the Dr. Oz show.

African Mango is a brightly colored tropical fruit which grows only in the rain forests of western Cameroon. Unlike traditional mango plants, the African Mango produces an unusual seed locally referred to as a Dikka nut. Villagers in this part of the world have been harvesting an extract from this seed for centuries for its medicinal benefits.

What Is African Mango Advanced?

One of the most popular African Mango supplements, African Mango Advanced contains a total of 600 milligrams of extract from the African Mango seed. The key ingredient in the African Mango extract is called Irvingia Gabonensis, and it is unique in that it possesses many different health benefits. Unlike the mangos you may see at your local supermarket, African Mangos are the only ones with this ingredient.

Is This Clinically Proven To Work?

Due in part to its rising popularity, numerous research studies have been conducted on African Mango and the results are truly impressive.

Scientific results show a staggering 28.1 pounds of weight loss (vs. the 1.5 lbs lost in the placebo group). Also, African Mango users showed body fat decreased by 6.3%.

Researchers have found that African Mango helps improve cholesterol, stabilize blood glucose levels, and significantly aid weight loss. In addition, researchers reported that users experienced a decrease in body fat, with the average loss being 6.3%.

Because African Mango delays the emptying of the stomach, the body is better able to absorb dietary sugars and nutrients. As a result, blood sugar levels decrease after a meal, which is much better for maintaining a healthy weight. Along with these benefits, African Mango has also been shown to be effective at:
• Reducing the body’s Leptin levels, thereby suppressing hunger
• Boosting the rate of fat oxidation and increasing the metabolic rate, both of which aid in weight loss
• Aid users in achieving consistent and safe weight loss

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What Ingredients Does African Mango Advanced Contain?

Each dose of African Mango Advanced contains 100% pure African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) extract, packaged in a capsule made of gelatin, calcium carbonate, and magnesium stearate.

Whats The Verdict?

Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, African Mango can aid in weight loss in many different ways. It suppresses appetite, which can prevent snacking between meals and it also boosts metabolism, allowing you to burn calories more efficiently.

Based on the data from the clinical studies, African Mango does seem to offer a natural solution to reducing both fat and cholesterol. Many doctors and nutritionists feel that African Mango could represent a significant breakthrough for individuals who want a safe, healthy way to manage weight and lower their cholesterol.

Where To Buy African Mango Extract?

We recommend African Mango Advanced, as it contains a massive 1200mg per day of 100% pure African Mango Extract for effective weight loss. You can buy it from Evo Slimming by clicking here.
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2 Customer Reviews of “African Mango Extract”

Review by Nancy, March 28, 2011

I have been taking African Mango for a month, plus walking three miles a day, five days a week. I have not lost ANY weight!! I don’t understand how other people are losing 12 pounds a month when I can’t even lose one pound!

Review by mark from exton, September 14, 2011

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My only problem is that they say it lowers blood sugar levels. Perhaps in a non diabetic yes, but not in a type 1 diabetic. You can take it at about 10:00 in the evening and your blood sugar will drop within the next 3 to 4 hours. But in the morning you will see it rise perhaps 30 to 40 points higher then normal. And then about 4 hours after that it does up another 60 points. Beware to diabetics that are insulin dependent and try to take this stuff!

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