Why Diets Don’t Work – What Will Make it Work

Published:April 7th, 2010

[BBC 16 March 2010] – In that “holy grail” of dieting, too many dieting methods are around, too many pills promising quick weight loss usually accompanied by a specific dieting programme.

Truth is, most of these diets are abandoned after a week or so. BBC Scotland health correspondent Eleanor Bradford has investigated why and has interviewed a couple of women the problems they encountered while following the strict dieting regimes.

It has left them with the hunger pangs that made them skip the diet.

Two interviewees shared their dieting stories. One had the Cambridge diet where milkshakes replaced the meals, while the other used Weightwatchers. The result: day was missed with the milkshakes where two full meals were consumed, and about 5 kg was lost for the past two weeks. For Weighwatchers, it never left hunger pangs but it didn’t yield the desired weight loss result either.

Dr. Alexandra Johnstone of the Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen has been studying this problem since. She was able to find out that the perfect dieting regime is to lose weight without the hunger pangs. The requirement in question: protein. Demonstrating on this experiment, the kind doctor prepared two pasta dishes where one was made up of vegetable Bolognese while the other was made with meatballs. Both were served with garlic bread.

These 2 pasta dishes had the same calorie and energy content, but the primary difference was the meatballs where one would feel full longer. Though the meatball option contained more protein, it was still within the dietary boundaries.

The conclusion: Stay away from hunger pangs, but don’t indulge. A bit more protein can help keep the weight down so you can stick with your diet.

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