Weight Loss Good For The Lungs

Published:February 5th, 2011

Obesity is known to alter the mechanism of breathing and modest weight loss, particularly the  reduction of fats around the waist, is known to improve breathing at rest and breathing during extensive exercise, according to a recent study published by Chest in January 2011.

In this study, nine obese men were recruited and were studied before and after weight loss. The subjects underwent measurements of different parameters such as pulmonary function testing, fat distribution estimates through MRI, underwater weighing and graded cycle ergometry. After 12 weeks of weight loss, these parameters were remeasured and analyzed.

Their findings? Reduction of body fats and weight loss were associated with the improvement of lung function at rest and during extensive exercise.

The implication of this study? If you are having trouble breathing during exercise because of being overweight or obese, better lose weight.  The more you lose weight, the more benefits you are likely to have.

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