WARNING: Beware of Hoodia Scams

Published:March 2nd, 2010

Although the below story dates back to 2005, when Pure Hoodia inc got busted, there are still many Hoodia sellers out there which are selling counterfeit or watered down Hoodia. If in doubt, go for a provider which is CITES tested, and backed by clinical tests. If you want a reliable and 100% pure hoodia supplement why not try Unique Hoodia.

Independent research exposed the biggest Hoodia scammer complete with evidence

[Naturalnews.com] 2005 – Truth Publishing has unearthed probably the biggest of all Hoodia scams in the history of appetite suppressants, revealing the details with conclusive evidence.

Pure Hoodia, Inc. is a company selling purportedly unique and authentic Hoodia appetite suppressants but was verified to be counterfeit as verified by a lab test conducted independently. Facts, all supported by verified evidence, were discovered as follows:

–    capsules only contained 240mg and not the claimed 400mg;
–    the said attempted to steal intellectual property from a competitor by preemptively registering the stolen trademark and company name;
–    the company has stolen content from naturalnews.com and twisted the version of the story by claiming that the news website advocated the use of their products, which was entirely based on fiction;
–    attempts to locate the company laboratories conducting specimen authentication testing have failed since no such laboratory exists;
–    since the skyrocketing demand for the Hoodia cacti could not meet the repleting supply (as it takes 5-7 years for a Hoodia cacti to mature), South African suppliers confirmed that to meet the demand they did the following:
o    plant roots were added as fillers, where roots do not have the active chemical which accounts for the appetite suppressant qualities of the hoodia gordonii
o    wild harvested species similar to hoodia were added but will not pass the required HPLC and TLC testing that reveals the active chemical p57
o    other fillers contained sawdust, silica and leaves were added but with NO ingredient

Importation of Hoodia as a diet supplement is technically illegal and the law allows importation only for purposes of it being a herbarium collection. Without a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) certification, the Hoodia supplement you’ve been wanting to buy may just be a scam.

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