The Dukan Diet: New Eating Plan for Effective Weight Loss

Published:June 18th, 2010

[Daily Mail Reporter] – There’s a new diet plan that claims to promise faster and more effective weight loss. Now very popular in France, the eating plan claims however that you can stay slim for the rest of your life even if you eat real food in unimited quantities. Effects have been proven in France after ten years of popular use as the new diet has helped the obese and those who only have a few pounds to shed.

The explanation behind this plan is detailed by Dr Pierre Dukan, that we are born with a specified number of fat cells (called adipocytes) and this construct determines our capacity to gain weight – or how fat or obese we can get as we age. Women are born with more fat cells than in men. As we indulge in sinful food and continue to live a sedentary lifestyle of no exercise, the fat cells divide and multiply, and when that happens, it doubles the body size and the capacity to make and keep the fat in.

The diet introduces the following concept in four stages. The dieter must start and strictly adhere with the following.

Stage 1- Attack Phase:

Day 1 to Day 10 of PURE PROTEIN DIET (red and white meat, fish and seafood, eggs, non fat dairy)

One day of a pure protein diet is enough; you can extend this if you have so much weight to lose. No other meal choices should be taken in this stage but strictly protein without any limit. Eat the lean meat and cut off the fat. People can lose about 7lbs in only 5 days.

Relieve constipation with more water and wheat bran flakes.

Anything not on this list is strictly forbidden during this stage:

  1. Lean meat – beef, veal, rabbit (pork and lamb NOT ALLOWED) as grilled, roasted or boiled. No butter, cream, or oil, or any of those low-fat versions. Beef, chicken, or veal liver is ok.
  2. Turkey and/or chicken – (goose or farmed duck NOT ALLOWED), no skin, wings, and all the fatty parts.
  3. Low fat ham with the fat cut off. No cured, smoked, or deli hams.
  4. Seafood – fish white (dried, smoked, canned, or fresh) must not be in oil or anything that contains fat, crabsticks, shellfish or crustaceans.
  5. More than 2 eggs per day – Limit to 3 yolks per week if body cholesterol levels are too high, egg whites can be consumed without any limit.
  6. NON-FAT dairy – 0% fat yoghurt, frais, quark, fromage, cheese, skimmed milk. Fruit-based yoghurt must be limited to two a day.
  7. Sweeteners, Stevia, vinegar, spices, herbs, onion, garlic, pickled onion only in limited quantities, gherkins, lemon juice on food and not the lemonade drink, a little bit of salt and mustard, sugar free ketchup, sugar free chewing gum (instead of mints) to slow down the psychological pressure to eat.

Stage 2 – The Cruise Phase

Alternate protein with the introduction of vegetables

After Day 1 of Pure Protein (you can extend Protein days until Day 10, no worries), time to introduce some vegetable. Again, quantity of vegetable is unlimited. The most effective way is to get into a pure protein meal for Day 1, then do the protein+vegetables on Day 2, then get back to pure protein on Day 3. Keep alternating until you reach your desired weight.

Important rules: Stay away from carbohydrates-rich vegetables like potatoes, peas, rice, lentil, beans. Carrots and beetroot are a bit starchy so avoid these as well. Increase your wheat bran and water intake and walk briskly for 30minutes daily.

Stage 3 – Consolidation

Every day will be protein and vegetable day but at this stage, you may now add a bit of fruit, two bread slices, and a serving of cheese daily, with minimal additions of pasta once a week, and at most, 2 days of celebration days once a week to eat whatever you desire. Stay at this stage for 5 days.

Stage 4 – Stabilisation

You can now eat what you like! Just observe 1 important rule however: PROTEIN ONLY on Thursdays. You can now go on with this FOREVER.

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