Protein Choices May Affect The Rate of Metabolism

Published:January 21st, 2011

Your protein choices may affect the rate of metabolism within your body, according to a new study published this month by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In this study, twenty-three lean, healthy subjects were selected and randomly assigned to easy different protein forms. Energy, metabolic rate and glucose levels were then recorded before and five to six hours after the intake of a particular protein meal. Their protein meals primarily consisted of fifty percent protein which may be  in the form of whey, the milk plasma that is noted after the milk becomes curdled, casein, another milk protein and soy protein.

The results? The researchers have noted that the burning of fat is greater with whey compared to the other forms of protein.  However, they have also noted that the intake of casein and soy are more satiating or satisfying compared to the other protein meals.

Thus, the researchers concluded that different protein forms may have an effect to the rate of metabolism within the human body and they can be of great value in the overall maintenance of the energy balance.

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