Most Overweight US Adults Think Their Weight is OK

Published:December 1st, 2010

Most overweight American adults think that their weight belongs to the normal weight range, according to a recent survey published by the International Journal of Obesity in November 2010.

As mentioned in this survey, about one-fourth of the overweight adult women and almost a half of all overweight men in the United States believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their weight.

One of the possible explanations to this belief is that most people see so many overweight people everyday that they are beginning to think that being overweight still belongs to the normal weight.

However, there are also positive points in this survey.  It was mentioned in this survey that 64% of the overweight population desire to have a better weight reduction and around 48% percent are already making some initial steps for better weight control.

One of the most disappointing statistics in this study is the number of obese patients that pursue dietary modification coupled with physical activity. According to this source roughly around forty percent of overweight women and only thirty-two percent overweight men are using dietary modification together with increase physical activity to improve weight loss.

As mentioned in Reuter’s Health, obesity self-perception is one of the most important keys and one of the most determining predictors for a better and consistent weight loss execution. In fact, those overweight people in the study population who perceive themselves to be such are the most eager to start their weight loss program.

As a result of this survey, the researchers recommended the health care professionals to educate their patients more about the normal weight limits and the healthy steps they have to do to initiate a healthy weight loss.

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