Morbid Obesity:A Risk for H1N1 Death

Published:January 7th, 2011

Morbid obesity may worsen H1N1 disease condition and ultimately result into death, according to a recent research published online by the Clinical Infectious Diseases.

In the said study, the researchers have noted that majority of the mortalities in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic outbreak also have problems with obesity. They have analyzed in a public health surveillance data that most of these patients had a basal metabolic index of 30 to more than 40. However, they were unable to determine whether this weight condition problem has a direct impact with the said mortalities. The only link that associates obesity with death due to H1N1 infectious is the compromise in the pulmonary function in obese patients which may increase the risk for the development of community acquired pneumonia.

Because of these data, the researchers concluded that severe obesity impedes pulmonary function which increases a patient’s risk factor to the development of infectious lung diseases. Thus, they recommended that obese patients must be treated more aggressively than their non-obese counterparts because of their increased risk to the development of infectious lung problems.

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