Medium-chain Triglycerides: A Tool for Increasing Metabolism in Men?

Published:April 3rd, 2011

Tired of counting your calories every time you eat? Want to know a better way of preventing weight gain aside from decreasing your overall caloric intake?

The rate of overweight and obesity is continuously rising globally, according to a study conducted in School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill University, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada and published in the 2003 issue of Obesity. In fact, in United States alone, the prevalence of overweight has increased from roughly 24 percent to 33 percent in the American adult population. Thus, with this increasing trend of weight gain, it is much important to design strategies that can prevent and treat the ongoing increases in obesity rates.

The medium-chain triglyceride, has been proposed by previous studies as a tool in preventing human obesity, according to the said study published by Obesity. Compared with the usage of long-chain triglycerides,  medium-chain triglycerydes, or simply MCTs which can be found in canola, flaxseed and coconut oil, can increase energy expenditure in the human population which results in lower body weight gain and fat deposition. However, recent findings failed to show convincing outcomes regarding the of MCT consumption on the body weight of female human subjects. But in men, the opposite is true. In fact, the use of medium-chain triglycerides resulted in the decrease in the upper body adipose tissue distribution and greater whole body subcutaneous fat loss.

Thus, the researchers of this study concluded that the regular dietary intake of medium-chain triglycerides can result in the greater loss of adipose tissues due to increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Because of this, this study suggests that medium-chain triglyceride may serve as a tool for the prevention of weight gain in the adult population. However, further studies and clinical trials are still needed to further prove this fact.


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