Medicinal Plants Faced with Extinction – HOODIA One of Them

Published:March 12th, 2010

[From] Most fat burner pills today are based from chemicals originating from plant sources. Given the market hype, the promise for millions in profits, and the skyrocketing demand for its hunger suppressing effects, the Hoodia is now faced with extinction if continuously faced with the risk of over-collection and deforestration – according to Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The group, as it represents botanic gardens located in 120 countries, further states that miracle cures (such that of the Hoodia) were the species exposed to extinction.

The Hoodia plant has sparked so much interest thanks to the anecdote shared by Tom Mangold on a trip to the Kalahari. He was able to document how the Hoodia cactus, as eaten raw, has numbed their hunger on a 4-hour drive back to Capetown, and how magnificently they were deceived into thinking that they did not need food. Come 24 hours later, the full appetite returned.

The miracle component, the p57 molecule attributed to the hunger suppressant, has not been replicated yet by artificial means, and may take 20 years more to discover a man-made alternative. Reports further conclude that this extinction may have a huge impact in the developing world. Five billion people still relied on traditional herbal medicines as a primary means of health care.

Belinda Hawkins, author of the report notes that as the extinction may not be a major concern of public consciousness, it is not an exaggeration to conclude that if the declines are not halted, it could very well destabilize global healthcare in the years to come.

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